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why wont my staff change
dental practice management

Why Won’t My Team Change

Human beings have a tendency to resist change, whether it is in their personal life or business. This resistance occurs even if the pending change could yield an opportunity that could lead to a greater sense of accomplishment and more overall satisfaction. Why, though, do people resist change? Because of a fear of the unknown. How will change affect their relationships? What about their economic status or job or just

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change management
dental practice management

Change Management

It is inevitable that as humans, we tend to resist change. It is in our nature; it should be expected. Even when change is going to lead us to growth and development, we naturally resist change. In the world of dentistry, change is growing at a faster rate than ever before; booming practices, technological advancements, government regulations, outsourcing certain functions of the business, to non-dentist ownership and staff needs. So

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leadership in business
dental consulting

Is Leadership Important in Business

Are you a leader? This may be a tough question to answer. After all, as a society, we have defined leadership in a way other than it was meant to be defined as if it were only attainable for certain people with natural born leadership traits. To admit you are a leader may associate a person with being cocky or arrogant. That certainly is not the case, especially in business.

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what does it cost your team by not training

What Does It Cost Your Team By Not Training?

From the minute you walk through the door at a dental practice, it’s go, go, go! Dental practices have a high rate of turnover because of the personal dynamics of team members. When you hire new team members, how do you train them, or do you even train them at all? Some practices may have a nicely organized training manual to train new hires but how can an ever-evolving practice

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is there a better way to deliver bad news

Is There a Better Way to Deliver Bad News to a Patient?

Delivering bad news is sometimes as difficult as hearing it. As a dentist, you probably encounter these type of situations on a daily basis, and wonder, will it ever get any easier? When delivering bad news, the truth is that you simply cannot care more about the problem than the patient does. As a dentist, your job is to determine the problem, present the patient’s options, discuss the pros and

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In life, there are big changes and small changes. I will be the first to admit that big changes scare me. The fear of the unknown can leave you asking yourself serious questions. In some cases, it can be similar to going through the different stages of grief. Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Sound familiar? We all experience change at one point in time in our life. Change can be

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