Hollie Bryant-Foust

My journey began with a passion for detailed care and a drive for excellence. Known for my organizational proficiency and articulate communication, I quickly became a trusted professional in clinical assisting, teaching, and practice management.

My career took root two and a half decades ago when I first stepped into the dynamic field of dentistry. With an eye for detail and a commitment to continuous improvement, I navigated the challenges of the industry, always striving to provide the best care possible. My skills were not confined to the clinical chair alone; I also ventured into administration and management. This path led to product development with my employers and private consulting, where my innovative ideas began to make a significant impact.

As my reputation grew, so did my roles. I became a speaker, educator, and writer, inspiring countless professionals with my insights and experiences. My role as a team coach and mentor further solidified my status as a guiding light in the dental community. Through workshops and conferences, I shared my wealth of knowledge, empowering others to achieve excellence in their practices.

My expertise didn’t go unnoticed. I authored numerous professional publications, each a testament to my deep understanding of dentistry and innovative approach. I pioneered new dental assisting techniques and products, setting new standards and advancing the field. My contributions were so significant that I was invited to serve on advisory boards for numerous dental manufacturers, shaping the future of dental care with my insights.

I was committed to education and excellence and took on roles with prestigious employers. I worked with renowned practitioners such as Ross Nash DDS, Brad Durham DDS, and Jeff Blank DMD. In these positions, I played a pivotal role in enhancing practice management, clinical operations, and educational facilities. My innovative techniques and mentorship helped shape these practices, leaving an indelible mark on their approach to dental care.

Currently, I serve on the editorial review board for multiple dental publications, where I continue to share my expertise and guide the discourse in the dental community. I also manage several active internet-based blog forums, fostering a vibrant online community of dental professionals. My extraordinary passion for education drives me to champion the importance of a well-trained clinical team, believing that the ultimate dental practice can only be achieved through cohesive team experience.

My story is a testament to dedication, innovation, and relentless commitment. My journey in dentistry has not just been a personal triumph but has had a profound impact on the field, inspiring others to strive for excellence.

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