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Dental Team Training

Not all practices are ready for a coach or even feel they need one. Sometimes, your team just needs the right resources at their fingertips to hit the ground running. We offer customized team training that will help you with specific needs within your practice. This is a great opportunity to bring in a trainer to help improve your team’s skills and abilities to function at full capacity.

Team Training That Suits Your Needs

team training
Bryant Consultants offers a variety of customizable training services that are tailored to your team needs, such as:

Is your workplace being disrupted by gossip or intra-office personal issues? We have workshops and exercises to get the entire team on track and headed in the right direction.


We live in a digital age. Is your practice keeping the pace? If you are transitioning to a practice management software program, we can make sure each of your team members can use the program like a pro. Our dental consultants are fluent in popular practice management systems such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, and Softdent, among others. We have had the privilege to work with these practice management software programs but if you don’t see your software listed please don’t let that stop you from calling to ask about our training services. We know dental!

A digital portfolio is an excellent way to showcase your work to prospective patients. These high-quality photos can be shared on social media, and on your dental practice website.

Seeing too many empty spots in your schedule? Having trouble with billing insurance providers? Accounts receivable training helps your front office or billing specialists learn effective ways to collect payments from providers, which improves your cash flow.

Transitioning to digital scanning or chairside milling? Hired a new team member? We can help. Contact Bryant Consultants for training on how to use new technology, and train new dental assistants.

Hearing the way your team answers the phone is the first point of contact for most new patients. Be sure your office staff’s first impression is a strong one. Our consultants provide phone training, phone etiquette, and overall methods to improve the customer service experience.

Adding a dental assistant can make a world of difference in improving efficiency and increasing the total number of patients your practice can serve on a daily basis. We offer clinical training on everything from taking impressions and fabricating temporary restorations to chart review and case presentation.

You set the tone as the owner/operator of your practice, but you also are not the only leader on the staff. What about any other practicing dentists under your roof, or members of your team who have supervisory responsibilities? We create stronger leaders, which are the foundation of your practice.

People naturally fear change. A transition could mean a change in ownership, bringing on a partner, or the imminent retirement of the lead dentist. Make sure your team is ready for what lies ahead by bringing in our dental practice transition expert, Tony Myers.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of proper sanitization and disinfecting to keep you, your team, and your patients safe. Learn the latest recommended guidelines and how to incorporate them into your practice – from implementing hands-free patient check-in’s to selecting the best PPE for your team.

Whether you need to repair a breakdown in communication among your employees or the dental lab that you partner with, our dental practice consultants can help improve these processes to streamline your workflow and achieve success.

Each employee should understand and adhere to HIPPA guidelines. Our consultants can provide valuable information to help your team understand what is and is not acceptable practices when working with patient’s information, sharing patient photos online, and more.

From social media management to website SEO, our team of experts can help you and your team maximize your online presence. Social media is about making quality, informative videos and posting engaging photos. Our social media team can train your employees on how to capture these engaging posts to share on social media, as well as how to properly communicate with the public on these platforms.

From finding the ideal job candidate, to addressing pay raises and more, our dental consultants can help you with all areas relating to HR, even the most difficult tasks like employee layoffs.

Leading a dental practice is as much of a full-time job as being the dentist. You do not have to do it alone. Contact Bryant Consultants by calling (877) 768-4799 or schedule a consultation today. We provide consultation, training, and coaching to help improve the operations of your practice so that you can provide exceptional results to your patients. No office is out of reach for us. We will even come to you!

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