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hiring the right fit

Hiring the Right Fit

There is an art to making successful hires. You have to know the skills and behaviors that members of your team need to possess. You then have to evaluate each candidate to see if he or she has those traits. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly! No business makes the right hire every single time, but you can improve your odds by focusing on these factors. Intelligence: Whatever is included on

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social media marketing
social media

Why Videos Should be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Since body language equates to 90 percent of our communication, it makes sense why more people are shifting toward videos for their social media strategy. Are you? If you have not been using videos to help promote your social media page, you are not getting the most out of your social media marketing. A video is not only easy to use and create; it also makes it easy for consumers

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difficult conversation

Handling Difficult Conversations

Your practice is a business, and managing a business means that, inevitably, you will have your fair share of difficult conversations. They may be with patients who have complaints or members of your team. Here are some tips that can help you communicate more clearly the next time one of these challenging conversations takes place. Ask questions of the other person. Find out what is driving their actions or complaints

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what patients really want

What Patients Really Want

When a prospective patient is considering your dental practice, trust weighs heavily in the decision. This patient trusts you to provide oral health care for them and their family. Transparency can be one of the most attractive factors for a new patient. That means you should have no area of the office that you would be embarrassed for people to see—even areas off limits to the public such as the

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the future of dentistry

The Future of Dentistry, and What it Means for You As a Patient

Historical evidence suggests that dentistry has been part of human civilization for approximately 9,000 years. Suffice to say that dental science has come a long way over time. Current techniques and technologies would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction 10 or 20 years ago yet, as dentistry continues to evolve at a rapid rate, exciting technological advances are on the cusp of widespread use. Dental lasers have been

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why wont my staff change
dental practice management

Why Won’t My Team Change

Human beings have a tendency to resist change, whether it is in their personal life or business. This resistance occurs even if the pending change could yield an opportunity that could lead to a greater sense of accomplishment and more overall satisfaction. Why, though, do people resist change? Because of a fear of the unknown. How will change affect their relationships? What about their economic status or job or just

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