Dr. Brian Devine

Dr. Brian Devine is a dental practice consultant with more than 30 years of experience running his own dental practice. He offers consultation services from starting a new practice, buying an existing one, bringing on partners, retiring, and more. His services are available on-site and virtual.

Professional Achievements

Dr. Devine started his own practice from scratch more than 34 years ago in Nashville. His practice, Devine Dentistry in Green Hills, Tennessee, was an early adopter of digital technology. He has been offering CAD/CAM dentistry for over a decade and continues improving the practice’s digital workflow to serve patients better and improve clinical efficiencies. He also worked closely with a practice consultant for many years, helping him expand his practice and increase revenue.

Dr. Brian Devine can help your dental practice in the following areas:

  • Doctor-to-doctor coaching 
  • Transition coaching 
  • Leadership for doctors 
  • Business ownership coaching
  • Dental practice management
  • Improve or refocus practice goals
  • Measuring practice performance
  • Implementing Membership Plans and dropping PPOs
  • Neuromuscular dentistry
  • Improve communication between the team and doctors
  • Improve patient case acceptance rate
  • Dental practice transitions (adding associate doctors, buying/selling practices, retirement)

Past Experience

He grew his own company into a group practice. He enjoys sharing his journey with other dentists, helping others discover and define their first, next, or last steps in their careers.

Personal Life

He and his wife, Conde, have two grown sons that both have thriving businesses of their own. (They learned from the best!) Dr. Devine is an avid fisherman that loves fly fishing and raises clover on his farm. He is an active member of his community and is known as the “give-back man.” He belongs to his local Rotary Club and helps build houses for Habitat for Humanity. He skis, loves to travel, is an outdoorsman that hikes, and even builds small boats by hand. Dr. Devine is well known and loved in his community. He sees someone he knows almost everywhere he goes!

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