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post covid admin plan
dental consulting

Post Covid ADMIN Plan for your Business

It’s back to business, which means refocusing your administrators for the remainder of 2020. Priority has been getting your business reopened and providing your team with a safe environment. You have spent weeks securing PPE and ensuring that your team will be prepared to return to work. Many practices are still waiting to reopen. For those who are open, and you are finding your “new normal” it’s important to remember

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review checklist
dental consulting

The New Normal Checklist for Dental Business Owners

This checklist is for practices to use the first one to two weeks after reopening Evaluate your workflow process What changes need to ensure efficient workflow? Evaluate your PPE supply and needs Consider additional lab coats and washing if you are struggling to find disposable, and fees are increasing. No washer/dryer onsite? Find a local laundry mat that washes and returns. (Not a dry cleaner). Continue to order your max

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how to make google listing better

How to make your Google Business Listing even Better

Staying connected with your patients should always be priority. The COVID pandemic has underscored the importance of using the Internet to communicate with patients about changes to services, business hours, or safety precautions that your practice has adopted. You can update this information on your social media, or even your business website, but don’t stop there. Today on the blog, Bryant Consultants wants to share tips on using your Google

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practice indicators to watch for

7 Practice Indicators you should be Watching

Successfully managing a dental practice means watching the numbers. This may seem like a dreadful task, especially if you aren’t a numbers person. But, let’s be honest, you can’t just look at practice indicators when things aren’t going right. Numbers don’t mean anything until you compare them. You should be assessing practice numbers regularly. So, if you wait until there is a problem on your hands, you’re going to find

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ppe should be last defense

Why PPE should be your Last Defense against COVID

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protects your dental staff and patients from the exposure of germs and viruses. Although PPE is a crucial barrier in preventing exposure to harmful substances, it is not the only way to keep your dental staff safe and limit spreading infections. Whether during a pandemic or no, taking the necessary precautions and following protocols which promote safe environments is the first line of defense. Your dental

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now is time to hire dental consultant
dental consulting

Why now is the Best Time to Hire a Dental Practice Consultant

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is for certain. You may have taken for granted your career in dentistry, believing that you’d always have job security. Everyone needs dental care, right? Well, while there is some truth to that statement, we just learned that even dentists can be out of work, temporarily, during a pandemic. Bryant Consultants understands the challenges that your practice has faced

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