A Word From Our Founder

With more than 15 years of working throughout the dental practice and with dentists to reach their practice’s vision, Bryant Consultants has the knowledge and success to help you make the most of your practice.Hollie Bryant, CEO and Founder of Bryant Consultants.

Bryant Consultants is a modernized version of some the nation’s leading dental consulting groups based in Tennessee and working “on-site” with practices around the country. Bryant Consultants provides guidance; customized systems, personalized coaching and team training that have generated millions of additional revenue dollars as well as allowed practices to exceed their own visions for success.

When does a practice know its time for help?

Opening your doors to any consulting company is a large decision. There are hundreds of qualified consultants that could help your practice reach its fullest potential. In order for you and your team to reach that level of success that you (the owner) desire, they must understand your philosophy, your vision and your genuine desire for change. When does a business know its time for help? Well when the owner is sincerely ready to make changes and grow the practice.

Bryant Consultants take the time to get to know each one of your team members and understand their personalities, their potential, their contributions to the practice and their objections in order to tap into their success.

Maybe you want to make more money or work less, even have flexibility. Perhaps you need to take control back over your schedule, your overhead, your customer service, team, and your treatment decisions… Heck maybe you’ve lost that loving feeling for dentistry and want to find it again. Some practices ponder expansion, division or even selling out. These are definitely reasons to consider a consultant.