What We Believe

Being the best dental practice consultant is about more than numbers. While reports, accounting ledgers, and all of the other practice indicators serve a purpose that we will explore with you, the basis of what our coaches do is relationship-based. With mutual trust, honesty, and drive to exceed goals, together, we will move mountains!

At Bryant Consultants, we believe that all of our clients deserve the following:


Our committed attention and time are, above all else, most valuable to the growth and success of your practice. Across the dental industry, we offer more on-site and off-site time than others, at no additional cost.


We are committed to 5-Star service! Our Google reviews and testimonials say it all! You are welcome to call, text, or email any previous client to ask them about their experience. If you need us to provide you with someone similar to you to speak to, we are happy to do so.


Dental consulting services should be available to any practice that wants them, and they should never be unaffordable. We offer in-house financing for your consulting program. This prevents you from having to pay upfront or borrow money from a lender to work on your business! Check, cash or your favorite travel miles credit card are all acceptable methods of payment at Bryant Consultants.


Our relationship with you will be built on trust. We want to ensure that your business secrets are safe and sound. As part of our dental consulting business, we have a confidentiality agreement in our contracts and a non-compete for full coaching programs. We will elect not to work with another dentist specific to your field within a 15-mile radius unless you personally refer us to help another practice that is located close to you


Often, dentists feel that they will be judged for their past or present decisions. There is no judgment here. We will treat you with respect and dignity in a guilt-free learning environment, especially related to all business ideas.


We all need consistency in our businesses! We will be consistent for you, and we ask that you be consistent with your team, patients, and business. Don’t worry; we will help you get consistent.


We will never take your money! If you are not working towards your goals, we shouldn’t be working together! If we are not helping you reach your goals, we shouldn’t be working together! We specifically have a clause in our contracts to hire and fire each other with a 30-day written notice. That’s fair, right?


We will always work with your We understand the nature of the dental business. You will find that we are available to our clients after business hours, on the weekends, and before/after work. Plus, we do not charge extra for being available to you after-hours when you need us the most. We will create some mutual boundaries for work-life balance.


To receive a guarantee, both in terms of results, time, and life balance.


To have access to the best education, technology, and systems available in dentistry today

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