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Bryant Consultants is excited to offer a new partnership with Tony Myers. He brings decades of experience in dental practice consulting, and will focus specifically on dental practice transitions.

A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Mr. Myers puts his wealth of experience to work for you. He has three decades of experience in the field of evaluating the present and future financial situation of dental practices. Specializing in advising individuals or groups that are buying a new dental practice, Myers has helped his clients to recapture millions of dollars through lost opportunity cost avoidance.

What is lost opportunity cost avoidance?

This refers to money that you are giving away without realizing it.

Myers helps you incorporate strategies to recapture that lost wealth by using the following steps:
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Myers will perform a comprehensive examination of the current state of your practice, including its financial health. This thorough analysis will identify any changes that need to be made, incorporating these alterations through the current best practices in the dental industry.

Myers puts his specially constructed economic model to work. By using this model, and using the current position of your practice as the starting point, Myers can determine the best course of action to coordinate financial products and ideas for maximum efficiency and profit in the future—with the goal being to maximize wealth while minimizing risk. The model serves as a way to verify efficiency, proving which strategy is the best going forward, and providing hard evidence of a future plan that is less wishy-washy than many traditional wealth strategies.

Once the model enters the implementation stage, Myers will work with other advisors to construct the best tax, investment, and practice strategies to meet the needs and goals of your business. These are important factors to consider when dealing with a dental practice transition. You want to know what your practice is truly worth before selling it off to another dentist.

Your consultation doesn’t end after the initial implementation

Mr. Myers will meet with you on a monthly basis to go over your personal and business models. He also will meet once per quarter with your accountant and any other advisors, and hold an annual review where any updates and new implementations will be made to keep your dental practice running at maximum efficiency.

You may be looking to buy a new practice, considering bringing on an associate, or maybe looking ahead toward retirement in the near future. Whatever your situation, if you are in the dental field, hiring the services of a professional consultant like Tony Myers can go a long way in helping you achieve your business goals. To learn more about dental practice transitions or to get started, please contact info@bryantconsultants or call (877) 768-4799.

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