Off-Site Coaching

Coaching from a Distance

Our “Coaching From A Distance” support has enabled clients to leverage their existing assets and resources to enhance patient satisfaction levels, improve process efficiency and position themselves for growth by applying evidence in practice and following a continuous improvement plan. There are no short cuts to success and the so-called golden rules may not work for all dental practices. We take the time to understand your business thoroughly before suggesting strategies; there are facts to consider, key questions to be answered and a vision to be deciphered before devising steps of action to develop your practice. We leverage our management consulting experience from corporate and dental setting to help you enable and sustain meaningful, value-infused change to your practice.

Strategies for Growth

Familiarity with the economics of dental practice is critical to charting a realistic and structured road map for growth. Before you can grow, you will need to ensure that proper management systems are in place to make the most of opportunities. As you develop a profitable practice and your capacity grows, you can focus on expanding your services without hesitation. Do you want to offer the latest in complete dental health treatments or expand your TMD services? Are you looking to implement more multiple-service appointments that make more productive use of time and have greater revenue potential? We can even help you zero in on an appropriate scheduling model for your practice, technology implementation or practice management software transitions. Many new dental practices find it challenging to sell their services; we assist in developing case presentations and patient relationship strategies to inject more POW into your revenue stream.

Expansion and/or Transition

When emerging opportunities or market conditions compel your dental practice to make a transition, we can help you achieve more clarity on your priorities and goals and plan a successful transition. We provide all the transition support you need at any stage in your life cycle to ensure the outcome you’re targeting.

Our experience-backed insights, perspectives and advice assist you in making informed expansion decisions. We not only present proven strategies but also serve up fresh ideas with the potential to make your expansion smooth and rewarding. Whether you are an early-stage or mid-stage dental practice, we can help you devise and implement continuing growth strategies that take your business to the next level.

End of year planning

Every new year is an opportunity to optimize efficiency and enhance revenue. Without a calendar of production days and defined strategies on technology investment, professional development/training, new goals for your team and marketing initiatives, you cannot expect efficiency or bottom-line benefits. Let us assist with end of year planning so you can control the direction of your practice and stay on top of business at all times.

Business goal setting

A business is driven by goals; without a clear target, your dental practice will go nowhere or worse still, you won’t know where it’s headed! Bryant Consultants help you set realistic, results-focused and measurable goals that enable you to track business growth objectively and intelligently.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Individualized leadership coaching is the catalyst that sparks enhanced and confident performance from managers and the teams they lead. Identifying strengths and weaknesses is an essential element of leadership coaching. Our consultants will conduct interview sessions with you to get feedback and act on it. Your vision and goals are also factored in to deliver effective counsel and results-focused action plans.

Some of the benefits our clients have experienced after one-on-one leadership coaching:

Improved goal setting and decision-making

Enhanced strategic
planning skills

Better working

More confident

An enhanced ability to motivate and engage employees across hierarchies

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