Team Retreats for Dental Practices

Team retreats have long since been a useful tool for problem-solving, fostering creativity, and getting to know your team. Many helpful team-building activities can be done right in your office or conference room. But offsite team retreats for dental practices are becoming more creative and dynamic! Destination retreats are becoming popular as owner-dentists recognize the results are worth the investments. Here are reasons why your dental practice needs a retreat

Refocus Your Team

It doesn’t take an official team of researchers to conclude that breaks away from work or vacations help bolster productivity. Retreats can help refocus your team. Sometimes, working and learning in a new environment not only inspires employees but also helps them focus on the task set before them without worrying about their other responsibilities around the office. Dental retreats also help employees feel that their contribution really matters in the grand scheme of things. Simply put, more focus results in more productivity.

dental practice team retreats

Excellent for Team Building Activities

Offsite staff retreats are the perfect environment for conducting team-building activities that you aren’t able to achieve in the office. Think team bonding activities like elaborate scavenger hunts, office Olympics, ropes course, or fun ventures like wine tasting or cooking classes or even a trip to a museum. These retreat activities for dental practices will bring your team together.

the Team

Retreats help reenergize team members. Employees come back to work feeling refreshed and connected with their teammates, produce new ideas, and are ready to get down to business. Feeling reconnected with their team may help them feel happier about their work.


You might wonder why your team needs more face-to-face time when they see each other at work every day. Well, technology and digital workspaces have changed how we see our teammates. Plus, businesses with multiple offices or differing shifts can bring employees together for more facetime with an offsite team retreat. It helps your team feel connected and will work toward a common goal more efficiently.

Fosters Bonding
Among Team

How does spending money on cooking classes or time playing games help your business, you ask? One word – bonding. An article published by Harvard Review states that teams that make direct connections with each other are more productive and efficient.

Use Advanced

Maybe you’re looking to launch a new service or product and need visuals for your entire team. Technology today makes such things possible. But not every office is equipped with the technology required to achieve this task. Offsite team retreats allow access to technology that you may not be able to get your hands on back at your own office.

Breaks Up

Routines can be a good thing in many cases, but it’s not helpful at fostering creativity and brainstorming. Getting your team offsite helps spark those creative juices as it breaks down office barriers.

At Bryant Consultants, we understand what it means to foster creativity, innovation and reenergize a team. We want to do the same for you and your business! As part of our dental practice coaching program, we offer offsite team retreats at locations that inspire innovation and creativity for new ideas. When you choose Bryant Consultants, we develop bonding activities unique to your team that help break up the routine and bring people together.

Are you ready to refocus and energize your team? If you need help planning a retreat for your dental team or need ideas for team-building activities and ice breakers at your practice’s retreat, call Bryant Consultants at (877) 768-4799. Let our dental practice consultants host your team retreat at the location of your choice! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more helpful small business coaching insights.

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