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warning signs of embezzlement

Warning Signs of Embezzlement

When you’re the owner of a dental office, you want to believe that your employees are honest and that you can trust them. However, many dental practices fall prey to embezzlement. Dentists often do not know enough about how to use their practice management systems.  What is embezzlement? Embezzlement is the theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer. Reports show that 50% of

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dental consulting

5 Tips to Reduce Embezzlement in your Practice

Discovering an employee embezzling funds from your dental practice can be frustrating and heartbreaking. Dental practice embezzlement impacts 49% of the dentists polled in a 2019 American Dental Association survey. Unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason for the cause, but a situation that you and your dental team may encounter. Our dental practice coaches at Bryant Consultants share more information about how an insider can position themselves to embezzle

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Quiet Quitting

Is Quiet Quitting happening in your Office

By now, you’ve read all the headlines and heard the scuttle on quiet quitting. But quiet quitting is not actually quitting. Quiet quitting is not leaving a job. It’s when an employee is still working but has cut back or maybe is slacking at work or just doing the bare minimum, and they’re certainly not going the extra mile. Or, as we have read, “setting stricter boundaries for themselves.”  

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employee burnout
dental consulting

3 Best Practices to help Prevent your Team from Burnout

Healthcare burnout is a nationwide problem that can take a drastic toll on the physical and mental health of workers. However, as a dentist or practice leader, it’s important that strategies are in place to avoid burnout. After all, your employee’s well-being and job performance can directly affect your practice’s success. Therefore, our dental practice coaches at Bryant Consultants share on the blog three best practices to prevent your team

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We know you’ve heard the quote, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.” It’s true. You’ll find that the most successful dental practices running on autopilot have processes in place and a team confident in their role. And it’s truly a team. You’ll never hear, “that’s not my job.” You know every role is important if you’ve worked in the dental office for a minute. Can you get by for a day

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unity in office
dental consulting

Tips for Unifying your Front-Office and Back-Office Teams

A dental practice is only as strong as its team. Your practice will never be at its best, in terms of either efficiency or profitability, unless everyone in the practice gets on the same page. Achieving a cohesive workplace culture is easier said than done. Division can develop, especially between workers in different departments. Once an “us vs. them” mentality forms, it can be hard to eradicate. In the world

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