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office staff costing you money
dental consulting

How Office Staff could be Costing you Hundreds of Dollars

Dental practices receive numerous phone calls throughout the day. When the phone rings, whether it is a current or potential patient, their experience shapes their opinion of your practice. Since a phone call is typically the first point of contact between your office and patients, it is critical to answer the phone in a timely manner and with proper etiquette. Today, Bryant Consultants is reviewing how office staff could be

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How best to implement Smile Virtual in your Dental Practice

As we grow in dentistry and continuously evolve our skill sets and communication tools with patients, Bryant Consultants has come across an amazing platform called Smile Virtual. This software improves the workflow for patient consultations while building trust and being completely transparent. Plus, it is HIPPA compliant and allows you to provide patients with the exact information that they need, on their time. Patients want to know who to trust,

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successful dental practice
dental practice management

Do this if you want your Dental Practice to Succeed

Whether you graduated from dental school recently or have been a practicing dentist for decades, one thing is for certain – you want your practice to succeed. You might be a great dentist, your patients may love coming to see you, and your employees might think your office is a fun place to work. But, if you aren’t doing these 10 things, your practice will tank. Find out what to

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is your front office desk trained

How to tell if your Front Desk Staff need Training

First impressions are critical in personal and professional situations. After all, you never get a second chance to make another first impression. Therefore, your front desk staff must be prepared to make a good first impression when greeting new patients. Since the front office employees typically are the primary contact for patients, proper etiquette is crucial to the success of your practice. Bryant Consultants understands the importance of first impressions

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workplace bullying

The Cost of Workplace Bullying

Hear the word “bully,” and it probably conjures up childhood memories on the playground or at school. There is no doubt about it, bullying is traumatic, and most of us hope never to deal with it as adults. But, workplace bullies do exist. This behavior etches away at employee motivation, productivity, and fuels anxiety among team members. Today on the blog, find out the true cost of workplace bullying and

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reasons to hire a small business consultant

4 Reasons to Hire a Small Business Coach

For some, being a small business owner means doing everything, or practically everything, on your own. It can be demanding and requires the ability to multitask. If you own your own business, no matter how independent and talented you might be, you can’t do it all alone. Hiring a small business coach has benefits you might otherwise be missing. At Bryant Consultants, we can offer your small business uniquely designed

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