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career as dental assistant
Dental Coaching

5 Ways to have a Satisfying Career as a Dental Assistant

A common misconception of dental assistants is that you must become the lead assistant or obtain the most valued position in the organization to be successful. However, there are multiple aspects of success as a dental assistant that are not dependent on a leadership position. The dental practice coaches at Bryant Consultants want to bust this myth by sharing five ways to have a satisfying career as a dental assistant

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improve practices cash flow

Improve your Practice’s Cash Flow with these Simple Tips

This year has been full of surprises and trials with an ongoing pandemic. With limited patient visits to your practice, you may find it challenging to maintain cash flow. Patients may be reluctant to pay past due balances or opt to skip expensive treatments for fear of financial woes. Therefore, the dental coaching professionals at Bryant Consultants share how to improve your practice’s cash flow with these simple tips.  

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covid testing in dental office

Tips on Implementing COVID-19 Testing into your Dental Practice

It’s apparent that the coronavirus isn’t going away quietly or any time soon, for that matter. Our dental practice consultants feel confident that dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants don’t want to return to how life was in the spring when many practices shuttered their doors entirely. During the shutdowns, it became evident that dentists and the care that their team provides are essential. Patients simply cannot put off elective dental

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conserve surgical gloves

How to Conserve Surgical Gloves during a Shortage

Shortage. It’s a word that we’ve all heard too many times in 2020. From toilet paper, Lysol wipes, to hand sanitizer, people worldwide have experienced shortages of much-needed supplies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. And now, healthcare professionals may face another, more severe shortage – surgical gloves. You may have noticed that most major suppliers of surgical gloves have placed weekly order caps on this highly-sought-after PPE. But we

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new patient case acceptance

Tips on getting from the New Patient Phone Call to Case Acceptance

Patients are the lifeblood of your dental practice, and without them, you would lose your business. However, many dental offices find it challenging to establish new patients, which usually begins with that first phone call. The dental practice marketing coaches from Bryant Consulting understand the struggle in converting a phone call into a new patient. Therefore, we are sharing tips for your practice to get from the new patient phone

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why dentist decide to sale
Practice Transitions

3 Reasons Dentists Decide to Sell Their Practice

Dentists have plenty of reasons why they decide it’s time to sell their practice. Your practice is as unique as you are—no two situations are alike. However, some general rules can guide you if you’re considering selling. That’s why Bryant Consultants came up with this list of three common reasons that dentists decide to sell their practice. Reason 1: Retirement If you’re ending your dental career, selling your practice makes

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