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starting a difficult conversation
Dental Coaching

Do This One Thing before Starting a Difficult Conversation

Some people like to avoid conflict. This may mean that they avoid having difficult conversations, even when they shouldn’t. It happens to leaders and followers. But as luck would have it, we’ve all found ourselves either on the receiving or giving end of a difficult conversation. When it comes to running a successful dental practice, communication is crucial, even when it’s something difficult to talk about. So, whether you’re a

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languages of appreciation
Dental Coaching

What the 5 Languages of Appreciation have to do with your Practice

You’ve probably heard of the phrase love languages related to showing appreciation to someone you care about. Couples practice love languages to strengthen their relationship, and parents use them to bond with their children. Initially published in Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, the critically acclaimed author has adapted the same rule of thought for professionals. His new book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. But appreciation

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how to tell if employees are embezzling
dental consulting

How to Tell if your Office Employees are Embezzling

Black’s Law Dictionary defines embezzlement as “the fraudulent appropriation to his own use or benefit of property or money intrusted to him by another.” Embezzlement can occur in any business or industry, and the medical field is no exception. A study by Hiscox in 2018 revealed some disturbing trends: the average embezzlement case involved six-figure losses, and, in the medical world, 66% of those who committed embezzlement were office managers.

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missed call can cause practice money
dental consulting

How One Missed Call Costs your Practice Thousands of Dollars

The phone rings, and rings, and rings. There’s no answer. What do you suspect the caller will do next? If you guessed, move on to the next phone number in their Google search, then you’re right! When your front office is busy, the phone may seem like it’s ringing off the hook. But did you know that missing just ONE new patient conversation a day could end up costing your

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rejuvenate your dental team
Dental Coaching

Rejuvenate your Dental Team with these Tips

The coronavirus pandemic put a huge damper on teams and practices across the country. Your dental team may no longer be what it once was, and so the team dynamic and energy seem to be missing. Maybe your team is struggling to maintain the new pace at your practice, or they are dealing with personal problems as they attempt to juggle their new work-life balance. These could be signs that

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social media for dentist
social media

The Best Social Media Marketing Tactics for Dentists

Social media is the primary avenue for dental practices to expand their reach in search of new clients. Although social media marketing can be overwhelming, your efforts benefit your dental practice. As a free marketing method and communication tool to connect with your patients and community, social media marketing can increase profitability without a tremendous financial investment. The skilled marketing coaches at Bryant Consultants understand why social media is critical

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