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turn non delivered cases into revenue
dental consulting

Tips on Turning Non-Delivered Cases into Revenue Stream for your Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic probably has affected your dental practice. You may have closed your doors to non-essential treatments at this time. Maybe you’re not seeing any patients at all. Regardless, you may be concerned about your revenue stream and how to ensure your employees continue getting paid. Our dental practice consultants want to remind you there are still some things that can be accomplished during this time of social distancing.

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small business loan

Key Questions about COVID-19 Small Business Loans

In less than a month, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our entire society and done serious damage to our economy. If you’re a small business owner, you may be wondering about the future of your company. Will you have to make staff cuts, change the way you do business, or maybe even close the doors for good? You should know that recent legislation could help you avoid these disastrous outcomes.

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recession proof your dental practice
dental practice management

How to Recession-Proof your Dental Practice

Ever since the coronavirus was deemed a worldwide pandemic, businesses everywhere have been on edge. Small business owners, even dentists, are expecting the worse. From an empty patient schedule to reevaluating financials, smart dental practices are choosing to focus on evolving through these challenges, while making decisions based on roadblocks that they anticipate down the road. Knowing how to deal with upcoming challenges requires a significant amount of planning. Bryant

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families first act

How the Families First Act could Benefit your Small Business and the Self-Employed

The coronavirus pandemic has made this a stressful time for many—especially those who own their own business or are otherwise self-employed. At Bryant Consultants, we know that business owners and entrepreneurs just like you are the backbone of our economy. That’s why we want to explore how the Families First Coronavirus Response Act can help small businesses, including self-employed individuals. What You Need To Know Taking effect as of April

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what to do if employee has covid 19
dental practice management

What to do if your Dental Team Member thinks they have COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the United States. Our entire society is working to fight this disease by closing non-essential businesses and practicing social distancing, but as the virus spreads, more people continue to become infected. Those working in the healthcare industry are at risk of contracting the coronavirus. In this article, your dental industry experts at Bryant Consultants will go through our recommended protocols on what to

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when employess cant work from home

What to do when your Employees can’t Work from Home

The continuous threat of coronavirus or COVID-19 has caused many companies across the United States to adapt methods that allow employees to work from home. However, not all essential businesses that remain open are able to extend work from home opportunities to their employees. Therefore, managing production expectations and developing new strategies to protect employees and the company must be established during required social distancing. Bryant Consultants, a small business

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