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building your dream team

Building your Dream Team when Employees don’t Return to Work

The coronavirus pandemic sent a shock wave across the world. Businesses closed, and employees went home to stop the spread of the virus. Although no one knew how long the pandemic or lockdown would last, everyone took precautions to protect themselves, and each other. As the United States begins to reopen businesses, companies are experiencing an employee shortage, as some people do not want to return to work. Instead of

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continuing education
dental consulting

Why Front Office Staff need Continuing Education to Build Credibility

Some members of your front office staff may not see the benefits of continuing education since they aren’t providing direct care to patients. Even if they feel the information is not relevant or useful for them, the knowledge could help them communicate more effectively with other members of the team and help explain procedures and treatments to patients. By encouraging continued education, you could improve the functionality of your practice

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empathy for patients
Dental Coaching

What showing Empathy means for Dentists Post-Covid

Part of owning a dental practice is the ability to lift the spirits of patients and the community alike. As you show up for your patients and in your community with empathy, you could build a strong, tight-knit culture where people feel valued. The intrinsic value you create entices people to share, refer, or recommend your dental practice to others. Therefore, dental practice coaching company, Bryant Consultants, shares what showing

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hr strategies
dental consulting

HR Strategies Every Dental Practice Needs

One critical aspect of every successful dental practice is the employees. However, when a personnel issue arises, your HR strategies should protect you and your dental practice assets. Unfortunately, most lawsuits are about the perception of events rather than truth, so ensuring proactive HR strategies are present before an incident occurs is a prime responsibility as an employer. Your dental practice consultants at Bryant Consultants are unveiling the HR strategies

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r&d tax credit

Tax Credits for Dental Practices

Benjamin Franklin said there were two certainties in life: death and taxes. As the owner of your dental practice, you know the importance of keeping up with your taxes. You also know how valuable it can be to utilize tax breaks. Did you know the dental industry experts at Bryant Consultants can assist with this? In this article, we’re going to explore the Research & Experimentation Tax Credit, and how

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become a better leader

How to become a better Leader by Learning how to Delegate

At the end of the workday, do you find yourself with tasks left unaccomplished? “There aren’t enough hours in the day” is a common expression for a reason—especially as it relates to business owners. If that to-do list seems never-ending at times or impossible to complete, know that you’re not alone. The key to regaining control of your daily schedule is to learn how to delegate. This will give you

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