Hygiene Time Allocation Sheet


How should your time in Hygiene be allocated? What tests should you run? When should the doctors exam take place?

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Key Behaviors to Customer Service Excellence

Keys to Customer Service Excellence

Bryant Consultants share with you some top behaviors for providing your patients and customers excellent customer care.

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Why You Should Always Take Photos

Why Dentist Should Be Taking Photos of Every Patient!

Every patient that visits your office should be having a complete set of photos taken before treatment and after treatment!

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Informed Treatment Refusal Letter

Informed Treatment Refusal Template

Letter of release for patients when they refuse treatment for recommended procedures.

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Treatment Follow Up Letter

Treatment Follow Up Letter Example

A quick letter to send out to your patients to follow up with them about scheduling treatment.

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Morning Meeting Agenda

Morning Meeting Agenda Template

Worksheet to help plan and execute your morning huddles. This should be filled out prior to the meeting each day.

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Custom Handout For Google Plus Local Reviews

Google Review Handout for Customers

This is a handout that you can customize for your customers to print on a postcard or flyer to guide them on how to leave a Google review of your business.

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New Patient Call Slip

New Patient Call Slip Template

Worksheet for your front desk to use when they are doing their new patient intake calls. Use this form to make sure you are getting all the information needed for a new patient appointment.

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Daily Prep Worksheet

Daily Prep Sheet Template

Daily Prep Worksheet to help prepare the team for the upcoming days appointments. Prep sheets should be completed the day before and brought to morning meeting each day.

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