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You spent years, countless hours, and more money than you probably want to recount to build your small business. Then COVID-19 happened. You have dealt with the potential stressors like shutdowns, limited hours, layoffs, rehiring, and declines in revenue—and, if you remain open for business, you also can count yourself among the “lucky” entrepreneurs. This year has presented an unprecedented set of challenges for everyone, so feeling some level of burnout by now is entirely understandable. This is why Bryant Consultants offers a consulting program targeted to help small businesses reboot after dealing with COVID-19.

The Challenges of the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt our economy the biggest blow since the Great Depression. More than 100,000 small businesses that had to shut down temporarily earlier this year due to COVID-19 now have closed their doors altogether in the early part of 2020. You and your team have weathered the storm, but there will still be troubled seas ahead as everyone adjusts to how the world and the way it changed since the beginning of the pandemic. This is also why an increasing number of business experts are identifying this as the ideal time to step back, evaluate their business, and see where changes can be made.

small business reboot

What to Expect with a Small Business Reboot

The needs of every business owner, and business, vary. Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start when scrolling through the Small Business Administration website? That is because reading a website is not going to give you personalized, hands-on help. Tyra begins the reboot process by getting to know you and assessing your responses to our questionnaire regarding specifics about your business. When hiring a small business consultant or coach, it is essential to find the right one, which is why we always begin with a one-on-one consultation.

Tyra will work closely with you to pinpoint what is bringing you down. Is it financial trouble, lack of quality employees, stagnant growth, or do you desire to move on and do something different by exploring uncharted territory and expand your services? You may already have some of these concerns or thoughts running through your head but are not sure how to put it all on paper and develop an action plan. That is where Tyra’s expertise comes in handy. 

Tyra can develop and conduct small business training and provide online training courses for your team.

Some areas that Tyra can help include:

Feeling burnt out as a business owner may not have anything to do with yourself, but instead, it may be a reflection of poorly trained employees, being unable to attract and retain quality team members, or maybe the morale of your business is suffering. Since the pandemic, many businesses have struggled. Tyra can work closely with you to develop a cohesive action plan that addresses each of your concerns. From employee training to improving hiring and onboarding practices, and more, with Tyra’s help, you will get a better handle on your business and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Unparalleled Resources

There is an abundance of resources available online to help small businesses with tasks such as training, organization, payroll, taxes, safety, and more. But many times, business owners are not sure where to start or which services are best for their business. Tyra can help by recommending the best solutions for you.

Some of resources that Tyra may recommend and is well versed in using include:

Is it time for a small business reboot?

That is for you to decide. But if you get the feeling that you long for something more, work does not excite you anymore, or your mood worsens while at work or when thinking about work, then it is safe to say that you might be ready for a small business reboot. You might need a little or a lot of help. Our top-rated small business coach will have you rediscovering your passion in no time!

At Bryant Consultants, we know that small business owners just like you are the bedrock of our country. That is why we offer the Blue Collar Business Consulting program, a special small business coaching endeavor that can help your business meet its future goals. Leading the way is Tyra Kendall, who joined our team after 17 years working as a business trainer for CenturyLink, a company employing roughly 45,000 employees worldwide. She can use her experience and expertise to help revitalize your small business for the challenges that lie ahead.

If you are looking for small business training or employee learning courses for your business, email Tyra directly or call (877) 768-4799. From discovering new resources to rediscovering your passion as an entrepreneur, Bryant Consultants is here for you. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive our latest updates and blog posts.

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