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Hollie Bryant is a fresh new face that has been lecturing for the last 5 years throughout the country.If you are looking for speaker that will light up the room with her knowledge and energy, then Hollie is a “must have” for your next event. Her “real world” approach to management, practice systems, clinical techniques and team work will provide the audience with practical application and use of her information. She always finds a special way to engage the audience and create a very interactive presentation.

This dynamic lecture and hands-on course and will utilize live clinical video to showcase dozens of technique tips for creating highly esthetic and properly functioning provisional restorations. Beginning with an overview of state-of-the-art materials, basic tooth anatomy and objectives for proper occlusal function; team members will quickly gain confidence to move beyond single units and tackle provisionalization of complex smile designs and full arch/mouth rehabilitation. Techniques for creating in-mouth “mock ups,” silicone indices from diagnostic wax-ups and when, where and how to utilize “shrink-wrap” verses temporarily cemented provisional protocols will be demonstrated. The course will conclude with an overview of basic occlusion and guided instruction will be given so that assistants will be comfortable equilibrating complex provisionals in and outside the mouth.

In this era of modern adhesive dentistry, dental assistants must have a working knowledge of the various mechanisms of bonding in order to properly assist the esthetic dentist. The differences between Total-Etch and Self-Etching Adhesives will be discussed, along with proper techniques for utilizing Total-Etch and Self-Etch Resin Cements. The hands-on segment of this presentation will permit mastery of strategic isolation techniques required to guarantee a dry clinical field during preparation, impressing and delivery of both direct and indirect restoratives.

In this digital age, effective patient and lab communication is predicated on clinical photography. This hands-on course will provide dental assistants with the necessary skills to shoot basic photographs for quick co-diagnosis; as well as pre-treatment, treatment and post-treatment clinical angles required for documentation and lab communication purposes. Attendees will learn simplified camera settings appropriate for various photographs as well as placement of retractors and use of clinical mirrors. Uploading, basic image manipulation, file storage and tips for quick access and emailing will be demonstrated.

Nothing is more crucial to a successful dental practice than an All-Star Team. Ms. Hollie Bryant brilliantly draws from her past success uniting team members in both general and cosmetic dental settings, and provides powerful instruction to inspire team excellence. Her intent is to push team members out of their comfort zone and re-ignite a true passion for making a difference in the lives of patients. Strong emphasis will be placed on mastering behavioral and verbal skills beginning with the first phone call and ultimately concluding in a 5 Star Service experience for patients. Participants will be challenged to explore their own strengths and weaknesses and collectively unite as a team with the common goal of collegiate strength and practice prosperity.

From custom impressions trays and processed denture bases to nightguards and esthetic diagnostic/provisional restorations, this course instructs members of the dental team to handle VLC prosthodontic resins. New, easy to handle monomer-free resin formulations are shaped and cured in the dental office by team members with little or no previous laboratory experience.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Construct a custom impression tray (Triad VLC) Design and construct a dental night guard on a master mode (Iterra/ Eclipse Heat and Seat) Design and construct a max/mand. Denture base for use as a processed record base or a final denture base.

Have you been dreaming of integrating comprehensive and elective cosmetic care into your practice but don’t know where to begin? There is a formula for success and at the Carolina Smile Center, they live it everyday. This will be a fast-paced lecture led by Hollie Bryant, Office Manager, Consultant and Chairside Assistant so that all perspectives will be covered. The program begins with the 10 Key Elements of a 5- Star Team and the specific team roles required for the “baton” to be passed effectively from first contact to delivery of the final restorations will be revealed. The “New Patient Experience” will be discussed and live video highlighting the verbal skills, photography, co-diagnosis and appropriate dialogue required to set the stage for the doctor’s diagnosis will be shown. Basic elements of internal and external marketing, as well as critical must-have finance programs will be discussed. The afternoon session will demonstrate a proven clinical protocol that will guarantee patient satisfaction and reduce stress at the chair. Basics of smile design, case planning, prep design; tissue management, impressions, lab communication, the “10 Minute Provisional Technique,” and cementation will be discussed in detail. This session is full of step-by-step slides, active discussion and live patient clinical video to assure that no attendee leaves confused. This course has it all and is a must-see for the entire dental team.

Modern dentists cannot breach the chaos of complex restorative, adhesive and remineralization dental techniques without the support of a competent team clinical team. Hygienists and clinical assistants must have a firm grasp of products and techniques that range from prevention/intervention protocols to restoration of high caries rate time bombs.

This course will classify and outline indications for the use of:

  • Self-etch and total-etch adhesives
  • Resin-reinforced glass ionomers
  • Various classes of glass ionomers
  • Recaldent and other fluoride materials used to remineralization /minimal intervention
  • Composite resin restorative materials

Clinical team participants will leave knowing why their doctor would choose a certain restorative/adhesive material and the proper set-up, preparation and delivery of these materials at the chair. Team members will also explore the vital role they should play in dispensing and monitoring remineralization formulas to arrest and even repair decayed lesions.

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