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Re-energize Your Practice with Jump Start Training

The success of your dental practice depends as much on how you run your business as the quality of care you deliver. A lack of effective staff, leadership, and financial management most often prevents dental practices from realizing their full business potential. Your community outreach strategies and softer aspects such as the look and feel of your office are also critical to the success of your practice. Here’s where our Jump Start Training can prove invaluable as it has for so many happy and flourishing clients. Are you ready to inject new life into your business and maximize your revenue potential?

How Does Jump Start Work?

1. Comprehensive Assessment:

We get a feel of what your business is like. We understand your goals and aspirations. We look at the big picture and then move to the granular aspects. Specifically, we examine the seven functional areas of dental practice to identify gaps and opportunities:

  • Leadership management, which goes beyond making forecasts and plans, controlling and coordinating resources and organizing work, to extend to influencing, motivating, and engaging employees.
  • Administration, an essential cog in the business wheel ensuring that all assets are working as a cohesive whole.
    Scheduling, a routine but critical procedure that, when planned and managed smartly, can significantly improve your bottom line and mitigate the stress of rising operating costs.
  • Marketing, which when done effectively, can attract patients as well as quality hires to your dental practice.
    New patient experience, which determines the level of relationship continuity and impacts your referral rate and reputation.
  • Quality assurance, which is at the heart of any dental practice and a legal requirement you must fulfill.
    Financial management, a specialized function that every 21st century dental practice must perform wisely to stay in business.

The information gained will be used to develop a customized Jump Start Training plan for all dental practices.

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2. On-site visit and initial implementation:

The next stage after assessment is a two-day visit to your office to observe and interact with your team. This is a carefully planned and curated strategy executed by consultants with several years of experience in a medical setting. Based on our observations, findings and assessment, we implement the Jump Start Training.

Effective collaboration is an important element of the training program. We work with your team to solve problems, improve processes, and utilize opportunities across all functional areas of your practice. We start with two or three critical systems; you can start taking action from the very next day and the positive impact on your top line can be experienced within a short time.

3. Continuous implementation:

With your business improvement plan kicking off, we continue implementing the step-by-step Jump Start Training, collaborating closely with leadership and employees over two or three weeks. The plan is highly personalized to your practice, which enables it to be implemented with great agility and comfort, while delivering results you want to see. During the whole time, we ensure that you’re in full control and motivate you further too really get your business back on track, energize it, or launch it with vigor whatever may be the case.

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