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How Will Paid Search (PPC) Improve Your Digital Marketing?

Marketing via paid search is when you advertise within a search engine or a partner site’s sponsored listings, and pay every time your advertisement is clicked on or displayed. In search engine-related paid searches, for instance, if a user searches for “Dentists in Tennessee,” the top few dentist websites that appear on the search engine page under “related ads” are the sponsored or paid results.

The business that pays the highest will be displayed on top of the results, while the others will follow. Companies that show up on top of the paid search listings need not necessarily be the top organic searches.  Although we do have clients that are at the top of both paid and organic results, we like to call it “fishing with 2 poles.”

Types of paid searches

A paid search is of numerous types, each serving a specific purpose.

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The most popular types of paid searches are discussed below:

  • CPC and CPM: Cost per click ( CPC) is when you pay the search engine for each user’s individual click on your ad displayed on the results page. CPC is generally used by brands to bring forth a “call to action.” Cost per impression (or CPM) is when you pay the search engine for every 1,000 times your ad gets displayed on the results page. In this case, there is no necessity for the user to click on your ad. The purpose of CPM is just creating a page impression. CPM is typically used to promote brand awareness.
  • Google AdWords: AdWords is Google’s advertising service that provides CPM as well as CPC. It also offers media, text, and site-based ads. With the AdWords feature, you can display your brand with major Google partners such as Google Shopping, Search, and Google Maps. Additionally, you can have your ad displayed with Google’s Display partners like Blogger, YouTube, and Gmail.
  • Yahoo Bing Network: The Yahoo Bing Network (YBN) consists of Facebook, Monster, Amazon and syndicated partners, and is a very successful digital advertising marketplace. It is estimated that in the financial services domain, users spent more in YBN than in AdWords. However, the CPC services in YBN are lower compared to AdWords. Plus, the number of advertisers in YBN is lower, bringing down the competition.

How can PPC help your business?

There’s little doubt that paid searches are beneficial to businesses across industries, but there are several advantages of using paid searches over other advertising methods.

Immediate Launch

Paid searches can be launched at a much quicker rate compared to SEO-based searches, bringing in quality leads to your dental website. In fact, it would take less than half an hour to set up a PPC campaign for your new dental clinic, allowing for more return on investment. If your website appears among the top five results at the search page, chances of increasing the number of click-throughs are better.

Complete Control

Depending on your budget, you choose what appears on your search results and what you want your audience to see. This can provide an effective solution for newly established dental clinics whose websites are not showing up in the organic search page.


The ads are non-intrusive, meaning that your customer will not be directed to your dental website without first clicking through it. When your ads are placed on top or side of a search website, there are higher chances of purchases.

Affordable Price

You can choose to advertise at certain times of the day or week that you think will bring in more traffic to your website. This will save your money from being wasted, and it can also ensure that your clients are trying to reach you at the right time.

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