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Let us give you a free no obligation evaluation of your current site’s visibility either locally, nationally or both.  Our specialty is local SEO for all types of businesses from dentists, pest control, plumbers, attorneys and everything in between.  We also provide optimization services for businesses looking to gain national exposure.

Neither we nor any other search engine optimization company can guarantee you first page ranking in Google. Our process is completely transparent to the search engines and our clients, we are not trying to trick Google into ranking your page. We are using the recommended guidelines put out by the search engines themselves to put your business in the best position to be found in a search engine results also known as a SERP.

Incorporating Search Engine Optimization techniques into your business can significantly improve your website’s position in the organic search results page of sites like Google. Essentially, sites that are displayed on the first page of search results, especially the ones that are higher up, are open to better business opportunities. Most businesses aim to set their website is the number one position of search results, but this can depend on various factors such as your budget, geographical location, website design, product, and so on.

search engine optimization

Types of SEO

SEO can be classified into two ranking factors, namely on-page and off-page.
  • On-page factors are found on the web page itself and can include content, user interface, keywords, social media features, device adaptability, meta data, crawler accessibility, and snippets. To improve your on-page SEO, ensure that the pages of your website are relevant to a specific topic and include Title Tags, URL, Page Content, and Image alt text.
  • Off-page factors are generally added after completing the on-page SEO, and can help you steer clear of negative brand reputation while continually promoting a positive image for your business. Some common off-page SEO factors are blogging, forum posts, social networking, social bookmarking, photo sharing, link baiting, article/press release promotion, and ad campaigns. On a broad scale, I see SEO becoming a normalized marketing tactic, the same way TV, radio, and print are traditionally thought of as marketing tactics.It is estimated that users generally have an attention span of 15 seconds on an average, and a website should be effective enough to get through to customers within that time frame.

An ideally optimized page should have the following elements to hold visitors’ attention for a longer span of time.

Provide unique content on a particular subject (usually the product or service you offer). Search engine sites like Google focus on creating a good user experience. For this reason, they will display only those websites that offer the most relevant information. Mainly, you must focus on providing content that is visitor-friendly, as it can help you retain your customers.

For your products and services, you must include relevant subjects in the title tag, image alt text, and URL, and also specify your subject in the form of keywords throughout the content.

Ensure that your posts have relevant inbound and outbound links that point to quality authority sites. Plus, get guest posts published, analyze the links on your competitor’s sites, indulge in social bookmarking, and comment on blog posts. For popularity, you can even provide content on new topics that haven’t been published before – such as a new diet that could keep your teeth sparkly white, or a new dental technology that can make wisdom teeth extraction an easy job.keywords throughout the content.

From time to time, you must conduct a site audit for your website that will identify the problematic areas and provide corrective actions. During a site audit, you must identify if the right keywords are used, titles and descriptions are unique to each page, the URL structure is correctly formatted, and the broken links are fixed.

For both large and small markets, it is important to optimize the web page in accordance with local and Google Maps. Since most individuals search for services specific to their locality, local or Google Map optimization techniques can help them reach out to customers easier. This way, the current trends related to your services will be more accessible to both mobile and local searchers.

Here are just a few of the services our company provides for businesses:

  • We will analyze your website and local citations to find out what parts are working or what parts need to be over hauled.
  • We will then begin to comb through thousands of profiles for your site like Yelp, BOTW, City-Search and to create a uniform brand across the Internet.
  • We will make sure your Google+ page is optimized to the current standards of the day.
  • We will maintain your website content and update what is needed, like the markup, Headers, Metadata, and Titles.
  • Using natural link building techniques to gain links from pages that are relevant to you and your business. We won’t take shortcuts that might end up in a penalty from Google algorithm changes like Penguin.
  • Analysis of your competitors’ search engine marketing strategy to see what they are doing and how we can improve your site.
  • And much, much more….

Why is Bryant Consultants different from other search engine optimization companies?

We are always available to answer your email, texts, or phone calls. We will offer a custom plan designed to fit your specific market and industry. We also don’t rely on automated systems to do the SEO, all of our code is written by hand as well as our submissions. We always offer a 30 day opt out with any of our plans, if you don’t see the results you want then you can fire us, period. No long-term agreements or early termination fees. We also will not take on a client in the same industry in your market that would create a conflict of interest, after all there are only so many spot in the search results!

If you have questions or want to have a free consultation with one of our marketing managers then call or email us today. We don’t offer high-pressure sales pitches and endless phone calls to your office, we want you to pick us to help your business grow. We believe in what we do and we want you to as well. Contact Bryant Consultants to bring your dental website on the top of the search engine pages. Bryant Consultants can optimize your site using a number of infallible techniques (such as the ones mentioned above) that can increase your customer base and improve your business.

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