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dentist need seo

Why Dentists need Website SEO now more than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic forced your dental practice to change how you do business. Maybe you had to restrict the available services your practice could provide or perhaps even close your doors temporarily. This is an uncertain time, and you may be wondering how to budget and market your business in the coming days. Understand that the world has changed for good; you have to change with it. That’s why search

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will dental office thrive after covid 19
dental consulting

Will your Dental Practice Thrive or Die after COVID-19?

You’ve poured your heart and soul into building your dental practice, weathering the challenges that come up—no matter when they happen. The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented challenge for all of us. Even as dentists start offering more services as America reopens following quarantine, you have to make sure you have a sound strategy. Your dental industry experts at Bryant Consultants want to explore this issue, looking at what will

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tips on adjusting to retirement
Practice Transitions

Dental Practice Transitions-Tips on Adjusting to Retirement

If you’re a dentist that is nearing retirement, congratulations to you! You’ve worked hard for many years, probably even decades, and you finally made it to the end. But, you might have mixed feelings about retirement as you contemplate these questions. Will you miss your patients? What will you do with your time? Will the practice survive without you? How will you keep busy? Did you save enough money? Bryant

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asking patients for reviews

3 Ways to get more Patient Reviews Post-COVID

Everyone turns to the Internet to find the best hotel to rent for vacation, a top-rated restaurant for a special date, and especially when searching for the best dentist. What are they looking for? Reviews! You can have an attractive dental practice and offer an array of services, but it’s what patients say about you that matter most. In a post-COVID world, one of the most important, yet easiest ways

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team building

Team Building to Hold your Practice Together after a Pandemic

You’re back at it with your practice operating again, although things still might not feel “normal,” like before the pandemic. But, your team is with you, patients are flowing through the schedule again, and your practice is pressing forward. But, when was the last time you did a temperature check (figuratively) on your staff? Are they happy, or have they lost touch? Now more than ever, team building is an

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add financing options to your dental practice
dental consulting

4 Benefits of Adding Financing Options to your practice post-COVID

Literally, everyone took a financial hit of sorts during the pandemic, and we’ve yet to see the end of it. But, that doesn’t change the fact that your patients still need dental care, and that your practice still needs to make money. Now, more than ever, patient case acceptance is essential. But, you may find that patients are more likely to say no once they hear the cost of their

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