Dental Assistant Clinical Training

If you have dental assistants on your team that want to become more than the average assistant Bryant Consultants will help to grow them through skills training.. A dental assistant has an important role in a practice he/she has to be cognizant of both administrative and technical skills our team can provide training on different nuances of assisting that excel your clinical team member(s) and continue to develop them for your long term benefit.

How can expanded training as a dental assistant help you?

Most dental assistants learn the basic skills in school or over years of being on the job. However, an increasing number of dentists who continue their education and learn advanced skills need their team members to have similar training and increased skills.

dental assistant clinical training

Here are clinical skills that Bryant Consultants training provides

You will learn how to produce quality images for use in case presentation as well as professional print.

You will be trained to properly assist the dentist in dental procedures being performed in the patient’s mouth while caring for your patient.

Dental professionals have to sit in certain positions for long periods of time when they are doing dental work. Bad posture can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and other diseases. You will learn how to apply the right ergonomics to decrease pain and enhance your productivity.

Your dental impressions are as important as your first impressions with a patient. Accuracy and proper material selection are required for success. As materials change in the industry we must learn new technique to provide the most accurate impression necessary for case success.

You will be taught to fabricate provisionals with the latest shrink-wrap and customization techniques as well as out of the mouth trimming.

You will learn to communicate with dental laboratories on at the highest level. It is imperative to understand that the lab is an extension of your dental team and communication is imperative to case success.

All dental establishments require lab and case management. We will teach you how to manage your cases, check quality and control and ensure that they are ready for the patient’s appointment. Sitting the case on the shelf when it arrives is no longer acceptable in an ever changing, forward progressing dental practice.

Clinical team members are responsible for recognizing opportunity and ensuring accuracy for each and every patient that walks in the door. Learning how to properly and efficiently review your patient’s digital chart is imperative to practice growth and patient care.

You will learn how to utilize your practice management software properly and beyond your initial software setup training.

Digital x-rays use x-ray sensors instead of traditional x-ray film. There is a huge shift in processing film verses navigating digital software and moving through your digital x-rays.

Smile design not a subject that school devotes a lot of time to, but is extremely important to understand when working in aesthetic dentistry. You will learn the basics of smile design and patient communication with designing their custom smile.

Case presentation is another critical skill. Usually the dentist will present the case to the patient, but sometimes you may have to do it yourself. You should know how to present a case well because many a times, the way a case is presented determines whether a patient will opt for a treatment or not.

How can Bryant Consultants help you?

To do all of this effectively, it is imperative for you to understand your team thoroughly and to have a clear as well as accurate idea of the individual strengths and weaknesses of your team mates. Only then can you allocate tasks to the most suited members of your team and utilize each person’s skills to drive your entire team forward toward success. Being completely familiar with the team is a core qualification of an effective leader. At Bryant Consultants, we will teach you how to assess the strengths and understand the personalities of your team members. We use DISC and KOLBE leadership materials to help us give you effective training in this area.

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