Promoting Your Practice with Selfie Marketing

selfie marketing

selfie marketingDid you know that some of the most effective marketing strategies on social media come from stuff that you (the business) didn’t post? That is right! These new “Selfie marketing” campaigns are sweeping across social media, impacting businesses in a positive way. Here is what you need to know about Selfie marketing, and how to it can improve your practice.

First, keep in mind that this new strategy does not mean that you should quit posting regular stuff onto your Facebook page. There is still a need for posts that support your branding be it news or articles that relate to your business or something else that you find would be useful for your audience.

Selfie marketing is powerful, and it empowers people to market your practice by word of mouth in a way that is not an actual review. Yes, those are good too, but there is something tangible about seeing a customer post a Selfie picture dictating their satisfaction with your services.

Take for instance a patient that posts a Selfie picture, proudly flaunting their new smile makeover or dazzling veneers.

When viewers see real life pictures of patients smiling with pride at the sight of their new and improved smile, it makes them feel like achieving the same results is possible. They see that busy mom, or corporate executive, at the dental office getting a dental cleaning, and they think, “If they can fit this into their busy schedule, so can I!”

These days, people do not have the time to sit and read lots of text on social media about products, new offerings, or patient reviews. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing results posted by actual patients can tell a story that no amount of words can accurately describe.

Another aspect of Selfie marketing is reaching more people than just your followers. Say for instance that you have a couple of hundred followers on your Facebook page. When patients post Selfies taken at your practice, they are essentially providing you with FREE MARKETING! All of their friends will see their post, and maybe they have a couple of hundred friends following them. Did you see that? You just doubled your viewers at no cost!

Trust us; patients will happily post Selfies of their new smiles. After all, they did not just spend a small fortune on a new smile just to keep it hidden from the world!

Selfie marketing does not just stop with your patients, either. Remember you have a dedicated staff of employees who would probably more than love to see your business flourish. Remember this social media strategy the next time you and your team have a ramped up meeting, a group outing, lunch, or training. Grab your phone, at an appropriate time of course, and snap away! Capture these moments, and share them with your online viewers.

Selfie marketing is not the only marketing strategy out there, but it should be top of your list. For more information about social media marketing, and how it can help grow your practice, contact Bryant Consultants today at (877) 768-4799. 

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