The Best Managers Have These Qualities

best managers have these qualities

best managers have these qualitiesLeadership is never easy. When running a business, you need the members of your team to respect you. Gaining respect from your employees means that they will be more likely to listen to you, and contribute to the mission of your business.

The “old school” management approach often meant fire-breathing behavior, which set up a boss to be listened to out of fear. The problem with this approach is it does not last, and employees tend not to show respect toward their manager.

Today, most management experts believe a kinder approach is much more effective. If the members of your team have positive feelings toward you, they are more likely to be good employees while also embracing the core concepts and mission of your business.

Whatever the industry, there are a few tips you can follow to make your management style more employee-friendly, yet yield the results you desire. No matter your age, even if you are a new manager or business owner, you can adapt to these leadership qualities to help shape and mold your entire team.

  • Listen – Recent surveys indicate that almost half of workers who quit their jobs said they did so because they felt their boss did not listen to them. Being a good listener is a simple way to help encourage more retention in your workplace. Be open to hearing about concerns or even ideas that your employees share with you. This helps employees feel heard and valued.
  • Socratic method – Your employees are going to come to you with questions or difficulties performing their tasks. When this happens, rather that directly instructing them on what to do, try asking leading questions. This tactic, known as the Socratic method, helps your employees solve their own problems. Rather than being told what to do, your employees will feel empowered because you gave them the tools to fix their issues themselves.
  • Be positive – Whether in the workplace or social situations, people respond better when they are surrounded by others with a positive, happy attitude. Try to find the positive in any situation, and that attitude will filter down to the members of your team. This, in turn, should inspire other members of the team to exemplify a positive attitude as well.
  • Confidence is key – You want to project the attitude that you know how to handle any situation or problem that arises. This will make the members of your staff feel better about their job and trust your leadership. Be sure to be confident, but not egotistical, as this behavior will turn off many people.

Want to learn how to build strong relationships with the members of your team? We will cover that in a future blog here on the site.

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