Stressed About Employee Retention

stressed about employee retention

stressed about employee retention1As a manager or business owner, finding and retaining the right employees can be stressful and challenging. Sometimes finding the ideal employee may seem easier than retention. It seems easy to get employees through the doors, but retaining them is a different story. If you are like many business owners, you may find that keeping employees is a challenge.

A poll of business owners recently conducted by ADP showed that only 15 percent of those polled felt confident in their ability to find and retain top talent. What about the other 85 percent? Their lack of confidence stemmed from factors such as the inability to post multiple vacancies in an efficient manner, an absence of qualified applicants in-house, and improper recruiting tools.

When an employee leaves a business, the most immediate concern typically is the impact on productivity. However, after an employee departs, there tends to be lower morale among the remaining staff because they now must take on the work done by their departed co-worker without any additional compensation.

Does this sound familiar? Have you experienced this in your workplace? If so, here are a few tips to help you improve your employee retention strategy. When in doubt, enlist the knowledge and expertise of a professional consulting business such as Bryant Consultants.

Alternative benefit packages can be a great incentive. Vacation time, health savings accounts and flexible hours can work in your favor if an employee is deciding whether to stay or go. If it is possible to offer these types of benefits, doing so could help with your employee retention efforts.

Even simple rewards such as catered lunches, or eating out at a restaurant, can be a great boost to morale. It does not always have to require spending money to get the team together. Bringing the team together for events or gatherings other than work, allows healthy professional relationships to flourish, and builds trust.

If you make workers feel invested in your business and its long-term goals, they are more likely to give greater effort at work and remain part of your team longer. There are certainly different ways to do this, for example, by considering their valuable input during team meetings. Employees want to feel like their voice is being heard, and that they can contribute to the overall mission of the business.

Lunchtime exercise programs can improve the mood of your employees and avoid that mid-afternoon slump. These also are great for staff members with a busy home life or are too worn out after the workday to go to the gym. Sometimes even a simple walk around the parking lot (if in a safe environment) can be enough to boost everyone’s mood.  

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