Leaders vs Leadership in Dentistry

leader vs leadership

leader vs leadershipAchieving success in the dental field does not happen easily. For a group practice, successful management is critical, and leadership is vital to management.

Exceptional leaders, no matter what the industry, promote an environment where positive actions produce accomplishments. They instill a greater sense of accountability, responsibility, commitment and intention.

Are you giving your group practice the leadership it needs?

Here are several crucial aspects to being a good leader.

  • Open communication – It is important to be open and candid at all times. This will make your leadership authentic. Open communication creates an atmosphere of total transparency. This is especially important for leading your team members and getting them to follow your vision.
  • Do what you say – As a leader, your word should be your bond. If your deeds live up to your words on a consistent basis, this will encourage a greater sense of trust, loyalty, and commitment from the members of your group. This also applies when something goes wrong. If you make a mistake, as a leader, it is your responsibility to resolve it.
  • Accept blame – As President Truman said, “the buck stops here.” A good leader does not point the finger at others when there is a problem, issue or complaint. They do not “throw someone under the bus.” Instead, they accept blame and implement ways to prevent these types of issues in the future.
  • Commit to others – A group practice is a team effort, in every sense of the word. Managing this professional environment requires that the leader prioritizes the well-being and economic prosperity of others above their own.
  • Make a difference – A real leader has a vision and ultimate goal that goes beyond just making a profit. If financial reward is your only objective, then as a leader, this can lead others to distrust your decisions and motives. Make your purpose known and share it with others as an objective for everyone to pursue together.

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