Tips For A More Effective Team Meeting

better team meeting

better business meetingWhen was the last time you got excited about a team meeting? Nowadays, meetings are seen as boring, counterproductive, and a waste of time. Here are some tips on how you can make your team meeting more effective than they probably are. However, these tips will only work if you implement them – starting today!

Meetings are usually filled with statistics, calls to actions, and sometimes are nothing short of a war room. However, your team meetings need to be more purposeful and filled with the right intentions to keep your team onboard with your vision and excited to fulfill it.


A simple “thank you” goes a long way to hardworking, dedicated employees. Who stood out to you this past month? Are there any new employees that you need to introduce? These acknowledgments are an excellent way to start off your meeting on a positive note.

Re-sell your vision

It is important to reiterate your vision and make your team aware of any changes that will affect how everyone achieves the goals set forth. Make sure everyone is on the same page as you, which keeps your team involved.

Make it an experience

You do not necessarily have to go all out or spend loads of money on fancy catered meals, but try adding something different and unexpected into the mix. Change up the location by heading outside with your team and enjoy some fresh air during your meeting, weather permitting. Consider giving out SWAG gifts to the team, which also can be an easy way to promote your brand on the outside. Catering a meal is nice, but even something as simple as providing pastries or snacks will help make everyone look forward to the meeting. You could even ask for suggestions from your team on ways to make the team meeting an experience for everyone.

Get the team involved

Speaking of involvement, get team members involved in delivering information at the meeting. Change up the meeting by inviting guest speakers or trainers for continuing education opportunities. Avoid always stealing the floor; share it with others for a nice change of pace.

Connect on a personal level

If you really want to increase the impact of your meeting, ask yourself how it can also impact your employees’ personal lives? Professional goals and life goals often align for employees, so you can double the impact by connecting your meeting to personal life.

Provide a notebook

Provide a journal or notebook to each employee that they can use to take notes during meetings. Set the precedent that they are expected to notate what is discussed, the company vision, changes in policies, important dates, and more. Meetings are not a “day off,” but should engage your employees mentally.

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