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10 Steps to take when a Team Member Quits Unexpectedly

It’s 20 minutes before your day starts and you get a text from a team member that says, “Oh, by the way, I’m not coming back to work, this isn’t the right fit for me, thanks…. (insert team member name).” What a way to start off the week! Now your blood pressure is soaring, and you have no way of figuring out what to tell the team, what needs to

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how to make practice goals when dentist is on vacation
dental practice management

Tips to Making Practice Goals when the Dentist takes Vacation

A common question asked to a dental consultant is, “How do I make my practice goals when I take a vacation?” What? Why would someone even ask that question, right? Well, that question comes up frequently, which is why Bryant Consultants came up with some helpful answers. Here are five great tips for making the dental practice’s monthly goals when the dentist is going to be out during the month.

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generate more leads for business

4 Ways to Generate more Leads for your Business

No matter what industry you’re in, your success depends on finding customers for your goods and services. That means cultivating a good base of leads, and adding to it whenever you can to maintain a healthy sales pipeline. Bryant Consultants wants to suggest four ways you can generate more leads for your business: Lead captures – You may be happy with the traffic numbers for your website, but unless you’re not

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dental practice management

How to tell when a Valuable Team Member is Job Hunting

As a practice owner, you’ve worked hard to get where you are – whether you started a new practice from the ground up, or purchased an existing practice from a retiring dentist. There is no doubt that you value your team members, too. But, just when you think that you have built the best dental team around, your MVP (most valuable player) up and quits on you. When something like

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getting your team on board (1)
dental consulting

12 Steps to getting your Team on Board… Again!

Getting our butts in gear is hard when numbers are down, the team is stale with the same routine each day, and well frankly, no one feels like having fun. The stress of the business has brought everyone down, starting from the top as it trickles down to everyone in the practice. Yep, it starts with the owners, which usually are the doctors and as their crap creeps into the

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dental practice management

How to Attract more Job Seekers to your Job Posting

You’ve got a job posting to hire a new team member, yet the listing has received many hits. What gives? You certainly want to hire the best candidate around, but it may be hard to find the right one when very few people apply. Bryant Consultants, a consulting firm that offers coaching and training to dental practices and other small businesses, wants to share tips on how to attract more job

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