What is Your Goal for New Patient Tours

first impression tours

first impression toursA first impression goes a long way. This is particularly the case in the dental profession. In that field, a first impression takes the form of a patient tour. This allows new or prospective patients to explore your facility for themselves.

How should you prepare for these patient tours? How do you make sure you present your practice in the best way possible?

We suggest one stage of the planning process should involve holding a team meeting. Ask the members of your staff about your patient tours, while addressing areas of focus such as the following:

  • How does your office differ from other dental practices?
  • What is impressive about the technology you use in the office, from a patient’s perspective?
  • How would you define the identity of the team that works at your practice?
  • What services do you offer?
  • What are the sterilization techniques used in the office?

Coming up with clear answers to these questions will help address the major points of concern for a prospective patient—factors such as cleanliness, reliability, organization and technology.

Not only will this process make your patient tours more effective, but it also empowers the members of your team and makes them more invested in the success of your practice.

It is also important that the members of your team project a positive attitude in general, but especially during a patient tour, as seeing happy faces will make the office more appealing to prospective patients.

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