Hiring the Right Fit

hiring the right fit

hiring the right fitThere is an art to making successful hires. You have to know the skills and behaviors that members of your team need to possess. You then have to evaluate each candidate to see if he or she has those traits. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly!

No business makes the right hire every single time, but you can improve your odds by focusing on these factors.

Intelligence: Whatever is included on the list of traits you are looking for in prospective employees, intelligence needs to be top on your list. In today’s business world, you want your team to be filled with the smartest people possible.

Personality: You want your practice to be filled with positive, upbeat people. The highest IQ and most impressive list of experience will not matter if those skills are attached to someone who is glum, overbearing, phony, or otherwise brings a negative, toxic energy into your workplace.

No drama: We all know those people who love to make themselves the center of attention. This excess emotionality can be a real hindrance in a professional environment. That spectacle-seeking behavior often carries with it other behaviors like gossip and over-sharing personal dilemmas. Tread lightly if you see this behavior in a prospective employee.

Ego alert: Self-confidence is important, whether it pertains to your personal life or professional life. However, there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Be on the lookout for egotistical or arrogant behavior when interviewing a prospective candidate.

References: Find someone who really knows this applicant. Go beyond the list of provided references if you have to. Whatever information you get from these references, face it—whether it be good, bad or ugly.

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