The Most Important Piece of Technology in Your Office – It’s Not What you Think

important office equipment

important office equipmentIf you were to ask any business owner what their most important piece of technology is in their office, chances are they would spout off items such as a computer, or that expensive, industry-leading machine that they own. However, it may surprise you that the most valuable piece of technology in your office was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. That’s right, the telephone.

It may sound crazy that a 100-year-old technology can make or break your business, but it certainly can, and we have seen it happen in too many businesses today. It may not be the high-tech gadget in your office, but it is your connection to the “outside,” to prospective and current clients. The real focus here, however, is not the piece of technology itself, but in how people use it, especially your new employees.

Managers often allow new employees to use the phone right off the bat, because who doesn’t know how to use one? However, would you consider letting your new employee run your high dollar gadgets or other equipment without first undergoing some training? The answer to that question, for most of you, is probably “no.” Then why allow a new employee to use the phone on their first day?

What does this really mean? It is not how a person uses the phone; it is the way that they use it. In fact, answering the office phone is one of the most important pieces of your businesses; it is essentially the face of your business. So why would you trust one of the most important jobs to someone who is new and untrained? On the other hand, maybe the current office secretary that is operating the phones is not doing so in a positive, welcoming manner. If that is the case, it is never too late for training.

So, the next time you think to let your new employee “try out” the phones on their first day, think again! Operating the phones should be considered just as important as any other piece of equipment. Employees should receive training before answering the phones or making any calls.

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