Why PPE should be your Last Defense against COVID

Why PPE should be your Last Defense against COVID

ppe should be last defense

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protects your dental staff and patients from the exposure of germs and viruses. Although PPE is a crucial barrier in preventing exposure to harmful substances, it is not the only way to keep your dental staff safe and limit spreading infections. Whether during a pandemic or no, taking the necessary precautions and following protocols which promote safe environments is the first line of defense. Your dental practice marketing professionals at Bryant Consultants are sharing why PPE should be your last defense against COVID, especially with the false sense of security it provides.

The Last Defense

PPE used in the medical field is typically one or more of the following items: protective clothing, face shields, facemasks, eyewear, gloves, and any additional equipment that protects against injury or infection. PPE is an additional barrier used in medical settings to keep infectious materials from contacting your mouth, nose, eyes, or skin. Although PPE is an essential barrier against pathogens, it requires use in conjunction with adequate handwashing practices, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and the diligence of enforcing regular prevention practices. As part of our services for dental practices at Bryant Consultants, we examine how dental professionals can increase their defenses against pathogens in the workplace.  

The First Defense

Fighting against infections should begin using a hierarchy of controls. Below is an example.

  1. Eliminate – Remove workplace situations or contagious people that negatively impact the well-being of the office staff.
  2. Replace – Substitute safe and healthy working practices that improve the safety and culture of your team and office.
  3. Redesign – Rearrange the workplace or work schedules to promote safer practices.
  4. Provide – Share resources for safety and health with your employees.
  5. Encourage – Drive personal change, so others take responsibility for keeping the office safe.

Implementing these controls into your practice is the first step in the fight to increase your defenses. Now, identify and understand the unique dangers lurking in your dental office. With face-to-face interactions and exposure to blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids, infections could be easily transmittable. Therefore, it is critical to adopt infection control practices by eliminating or reducing aerosols and using approved chemicals to disinfect surfaces.

Some protocols recommended by your small business marketing professionals at Bryant Consultants are listed below.

  • Patient Screenings Before Appointments
  • Staying Home if You are Sick
  • Practice Good Hand Hygiene
  • Use Pre-op Mouth Rinses Before Dental Procedures
  • Use Rubber Dams
  • Follow Strict Safety Rules when Disinfecting
  • Review Proper PPE Use

Preventative Measures

Don’t wait until someone gets sick before instituting precautionary policies. In every area of your dental practice, additional effort is required to ensure proper infection controls are in place to protect workers and patients. COVID-19 has taught the world that continuous preventative actions are vital to reduce additional infections. Therefore, your dental practice marketing firm, Bryant Consultants, recommends strenuous policies and procedures for sanitization and cleanliness to aid in the fight against diseases. When correctly using PPE, it should work well as a final defense whenever spray or splatter could occur during the appointment. Also, there must be strict protocols for putting on the equipment, taking it off, and proper disposal of the soiled materials to prevent spreading infection.

Dental Marketing Professionals

Using PPE is an additional barrier for protection. However, reducing the risk of infection requires protocols that must also be in place for the protection of your staff and your patients. If you would like to learn more or schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation, please contact Bryant Consultants by calling (877) 768-4799. We provide consultation, training, and coaching and will continue to post relevant updates regarding the coronavirus pandemic. To ensure that you receive the latest updates, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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