How to Choose Team Building Exercises

team building activities

team building activitiesWhatever business you are in, one of the secrets to success is teamwork. Even the most driven sole proprietor will need help realizing his or her vision, especially as a business expands.

Your employees are going to come from different backgrounds with different values and opinions, but it is vital they learn how to work together. This is one reason why team-building exercises have become so popular in the business world.

As a business owner, your time is precious. So, when selecting a team building exercise for your employees, do so with an objective in mind. Have a plan. Then, carry it out. In short, make sure there is a purpose behind your decision to hold a team-building exercise—whether it is to improve problem-solving skills or increase creativity.

Before scheduling any activity, consider the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Focus on some of these questions, in particular.

  • Are there any conflicts between employees creating a divide within your team?
  • Do your employees need to get to know each other better?
  • Are there certain employees who are focused more on their individual goals than the goals of the business at large?
  • Do your teammates communicate well with one another?
  • Do they need to learn how to work together more effectively?
  • Does your team need a boost in morale?

Team building cannot be restricted merely to an afternoon or a couple of times a year. Only through regular, continuous training—held in conjunction with follow-ups—will true team-building take place. A few days after the exercise has been held, ask members of your team if it was beneficial. You also may evaluate your team in action to note any improvement in regarding the specific area of concern that was occurring before the exercise.

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