Introducing New Partnership with Tony Myers, a Practice Transitions Expert

tony myers

tony myersBryant Consultants strives always to offer the best services and solutions for our clients, which is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce a new partnership that we have with Tony Myers, a practice transitions expert with a proven track record. Owning and operating a dental practice can be a rewarding career, but sometimes, that path changes either by bringing on another dentist, and in some cases, more than one, or you decide to retire and pass the torch on to an aspiring, new dentist. As a dentist, a dental practice transition can be difficult to navigate alone, which is why we have partnered with Mr. Myers.

Here’s how Mr. Myers can help you

If you are a dentist that is looking forward to retirement, first of all, congratulations! Second, you probably have some questions and concerns about what to do with your practice, and how it will be handled after you relinquish your duties. There can be a lot of factors to consider during this transition such as accounting or legal matters, contracts, what your practice is really worth, and so much more! Maybe you are an aspiring dentist looking to take over a practice from a retiring dentist, either way, this is where Mr. Myers can step in and help.

Mr. Myers understands that for a successful dental practice transition, one must define short and long-term goals for all parties involved, and the new dentist stepping up, determine the right work-life balance, handle the patient load and staff wisely during this transition period, and mentor the new dentist(s) as he or she assumes more responsibilities of the practice. There are economic factors such as cash flow modeling, tax planning, and practice valuation that should also be considered during this transitional phase.

Another significant aspect of Mr. Myers is that he remains available long after the transition has taken place. He will take time to meet with you in person to discuss important matters regarding your practice transition, as well as oversee every step of the process along the way. If you have been working with us at Bryant Consultants for any length of time, you know we are particular about how we run our own business, which is why you can be confident that we have chosen who we think is the best in the industry – Tony Myers!

If you would like to learn more about dental practice transitions or to schedule a consultation with Mr. Myers, please contact info@bryantconsultants or call (877) 768-4799. Even if practice transition or retirement seems a ways in the future for you, it is never too early to start planning for this new phase in your career. Having a plan laid out for when the time comes to transition will make the process much easier on everyone involved, especially for your staff and patients.

Bryant Consultants provides consultation, training, and coaching to help improve the operations of your practice so that you can deliver exceptional results to your patients. And now, Tony Myers can help you navigate through any type of dental practice transition that you anticipate. No office is out of reach for us – we will even come to you!