Personal Touch is Important during Case Presentation

personal touch is important during presentation

personal touch is importantMedical professionals focus so much on the clinical side of providing care that it can be easy to forget about remaining personable with their patients. Dentists are not immune to this. Allow Bryant Consultants to provide a reminder to the importance of having a personal touch while making a case presentation to your patients.

Remember these key points when making a case presentation

Dentists need to show special care because they work with one of the most intimate and personal zones of the body, the mouth. If you are identifying a treatment that is needed to correct some issue or disorder with the oral health of your patient, this can be an emotional and even upsetting experience for your patient.

Medical professionals face a challenge, in general, when making a case presentation. They need to ensure they are providing the needed level of care. They need to educate the patient on the importance of that care, while also providing information and indicating value in any recommended treatment. At the same time, any nervousness, fear or concern in the patient needs to be managed. Dentists and other practitioners in the medical field also need to stay conscious of the potential financial stress that can be caused when informing a patient of necessary treatment.

Follow these tips to keep that personal touch when presenting a case:

  • Make a space – Designate an area of your practice that can be used as a private space for presentations of this type. This gives your patient the privacy, time, and space needed to absorb the information and react however they feel without concerns of embarrassment.
  • Be open – Your patients should feel free to ask questions during this presentation, and you should welcome any questions while answering as accurately and fully as possible.
  • Tell them why – Rather than go through only the clinical specifics of a proposed treatment, be sure to explain the motivation for the procedure. Why do you think it should be done? What are the advantages? What are the risks of not having the treatment done?

Approach any case presentation by remembering that the focal point should be providing the highest level of care for your patient. Each of your clients has their own specific goals and needs; make sure they are met at every stage of the process, including this presentation. Follow this guide, and you will improve the overall experience of providing care and serving as a true ambassador advocating for the oral health of your patients.

Perhaps you are unsure about how to implement these tips. Maybe you feel you lack people skills or bedside manner. That’s where Bryant Consultants can be such a great resource. Our services can help you realize your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your practice. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799.

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