3 Steps to up your Game as a Receptionist

up your game as a receptionist

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A career as a receptionist can be a rewarding choice. You have the opportunity to be an important member of a functional team that is all working toward the same goal. There are several paths you can follow in any industry, and on those paths in your career, there are multiple levels of positions you can obtain. However, as you advance within the industry of your choice, you will need to continue to up your game to be a successful administrative asset to the company of your dreams.

The entry-level position most industries offer to someone beginning their administrative career is a receptionist. As an initial introduction to administrative work, a receptionist job will provide some of the critical skills that are needed to complete everyday tasks in this role. For example, learning more about the company’s processes and procedures, understanding the day to day workflow, and experiencing customer service situations are just a few key pieces to becoming a successful receptionist. To understand more, we have compiled a list of three steps that will help you grasp the vital importance of a receptionist’s role in the office.

First, you must understand the importance of a receptionist and the critical role that this postion plays in the organization

Typically, the receptionist is the first person that connects with clients, whether through a phone call or walking through the front doors of the office. Remember, first impressions are extremely important. So, smile and have a professional demeanor when welcoming visitors. Also, the receptionist can be considered a communication “hub,” as they are connected to every area of the office. Almost all incoming phone calls, visitors, and even deliveries come through the receptionist. Therefore, you must remain attentive to the daily activities at the office.

Customer service in business is king. After all, without customers, you have no business

Therefore, understanding customer service and why it’s important to commit to working with your end customer in mind is critical to the success of your business. One way to do this is to answer the phone with an upbeat voice and do your best to answer the question at hand or fulfill the caller’s request. Remember, companies flourish in building relationships with their customers. Start the relationship out on a positive note.

Take a moment to find your why: Why you want to be a receptionist and why you feel you are the perfect candidate for the position

Knowing, and conveying your why to an employer provides very important details to express how you can benefit their organization. Why you want to be a receptionist can simply be to get your foot in the door of the company where you dream to one day become the CEO. That will show dedication and loyalty to the company. Also, employers are always interested in what skills and abilities you can bring to their organization. Maybe you have excellent writing skills that will be needed for the job. Share that with your employer as a reason why you would be the perfect fit for the position.

Becoming a receptionist may be your dream job, or a stepping-stone in your career. Either way, you should understand how important your role is, and be sure that you know why you chose this career to become the best at your job.

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