From Push to Pull: How the Digital Age has Changed Marketing

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You may not realize it, but we are amid a Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this case, the shift of technology and society as we adapt to the digital age. The increasing advent of digital technology has affected every aspect of our society. It has changed how we work, go to school, shop, travel, and receive our medical care. Things that seemed like science fiction as little as 10 years ago now are part of daily life—all thanks to digitalization. Businesses that adapt to the digital age are positioning themselves to continue to thrive, while those that do not update their technology potentially will be left behind and become obsolete. Dental practices are not immune to this trend.

A dentist is just another type of business owner, and just like any other diligent small business owner, you should be evaluating the way your practice is running on a constant basis: how your practice operates from day to day, looking at how your employees work, and how patients receive treatment all are factors to consider. However, you also need to reconsider how you are marketing your practice to current and would-be patients as we make our way through this new digital age.

Digital marketing has made “pull marketing” more effective

In the past, how did you learn about businesses in your area? You probably saw or heard advertisements—whether billboards, print ads, or commercials on the radio or TV. These are all forms of “push marketing.” Advertisements and commercials in the media push out your message to the audience you are trying to reach.

“Pull marketing” takes a different approach. Rather than push out your message to an audience of unknown individuals, the consumers seek out your business and the services you provide. “Pull marketing” is more interactive; individuals make a choice to find your business, follow you on social media, and engage via their channel of choice for more information on your practice and services.

Dental practices need to place a significant focus on “pull marketing” 

Maybe you personally don’t care for social media, but to keep up with the greater trend, your dental practice needs to have a presence on the major social media platforms. At the very least, a Facebook account is a must. For more direct interaction with potential clients, you can start a Twitter account. Are you a cosmetic dentist? An Instagram account showing off success stories and before-and-after comparisons of patients can be a great way to advertise your services.

Conduct a digital evaluation of your practice

Just as you ask your patients to come in every six months, you need to perform a “check-up” on the digital health of your business.

  • Is your clinical technology up to date with the latest advances and tools?
  • Do you have a patient communication software system that allows interaction via text and online?
  • Does your business have a website? If so, does that site have a blog that is regularly updated, providing fresh content?
  • Does your website have a social media presence? Specifically, does it have a Facebook business page?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to make an update to avoid being left behind during the digital age. Bryant Consultants can help. We know all the tricks and trends to keep your practice relevant as marketing shifts from push to pull. Our services can help you realize your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your practice. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799.

We provide consultation, training, and coaching to help improve the operations of your practice so that you can provide exceptional results to your patients. No office is out of reach for us; we will even come to you!

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