Perio-Bingo Meeting Ice-Breaker!

Perio-Bingo Meeting Ice-Breaker!

perio bingo

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Every manager knows that meetings are vital for communication with employees. Dental offices are no different. Meetings help deliver scheduling or procedural changes. They highlight successes or issues that need to change. Meetings bring the whole office together. Sometimes they can feel like short family reunions because it might be the only time that every team member is together in one room! While there is so much that goes into the meeting, a great way to start things off is an ice breaker. Top-rated dental consultants at Bryant Consultants want to share some tips that will help your team break the ice. This game is ideal for your first team meeting post-covid, or if you’ve hired new employees.

Icebreakers, if executed properly, are great ways to break up the monotony of meetings. Bryant Consultants thinks Perio-Bingo is a fun and easy icebreaker that will liven things up at your next meeting and foster team building amongst your team members.

What is “Perio-Bingo?”

Perio-Bingo is an Ice Breaker to talk to co-workers and find out something unique about them. During day-to-day operations, it’s easy to stay busy and not have any downtime to talk and really get to know each other.

How do you play Perio-Bingo?

Each team member is given a card that has 24 boxes containing unique questions. For example, one square may state, “Who has never been on an airplane?” Any team member that has not been on an airplane, or fits the description of one of the other statements, should write their name in that square. The team size of 24 people, but can be adjusted for team size. Do not have anyone sign the sheet twice. The goal is to get a different co-worker to sign each block.  When all 25 blocks are signed, be the first to call out Bingo!

How long does Perio-Bingo last?

Perio-Bingo takes about 15 minutes to play. At the end of the game, when the instructor is awarding the winner, read through each Bingo square, asking participants to stand or raise their hand to indicate whether they fall under that category. This lets everyone see where everyone fits. It takes about five minutes to wrap up. Prizes can vary. One set of prizes could be $5 lottery ticket for the winner and $1 lottery ticket for each person that filled at least five squares.

What are the benefits of Perio-Bingo?

Perio-Bingo is a mixer! You can learn some things about your team members that you, or others, may have in common. This can lessen tension in the workplace, fostering comradery, respect, and friendship.

Every business should have team meetings regularly. We all want our employees to “buy-in” and be focused during these essential team meetings. Ice breakers are fun ways to get everyone’s attention. Bryant Consultants recommends that you try Perio-Bingo at your next team meeting. Training your dental office staff can directly impact your bottom line and profitability. If you are unsure of how to train your dental office staff or have questions about recouping lost revenue, feel free to contact Bryant Consultants by calling (877) 768-4799. Bryant Consultants is proud to serve clients of various businesses across the United States.

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