How to get what you want out of your Workplace

get what you want from your workplaceEvery industry in America is growing and evolving at a rapid rate, as technology continues to advance and the advent of the digital age speeds both communication and the transmission of information. If you have been working in the dental industry, this requires a certain level of training no matter what your role might be: front office, hygienist, or dentist. That initial training is not enough to maintain the same level of performance, or success, in the dental field. Bryant Consultants is here to help you with some tips on how everyone can get what they want out of their workplace.

Pay is one of the most common complaints among employees

Your paycheck represents more than what goes into your bank account. For many workers, salary is an indicator of what your employer thinks about your contributions. You may have thought about asking for a raise, especially if you have been working at the same practice for a long time.

If you are thinking about asking for a raise, ask yourself this question: how do you add value to the practice? If you cannot come up with a tangible answer to the question, you may need to come up with a new approach to your work—and consider waiting before asking for more financial compensation.

If you are going to ask for a raise, be prepared to show your value

Employees who make successful bids for raises do their homework. They compile specific data on how their job performance impacts the bottom line of the office. They demonstrate examples where the high-level care that they provided to their patients led directly to incoming revenue. Outlining your specific contributions, along with how you have added value to the practice and how you plan to improve your performance, can be a tremendous three-pronged approach when meeting with your employers.

Without asking for a raise, it will not happen

Many employees, and especially those in the dental industry, may anticipate a raise to happen as a matter of course. This extra money will not appear. Know your worth, your contributions, and use those qualities as bargaining power for yourself!

Just as you cannot expect your romantic partner to read your mind and anticipate your wants and needs, you cannot expect your employer to show similar telepathic sort of ability. No one is a mind reader. This is when it benefits you to be bold and advocate for yourself. Women dominate the dental industry demographically and studies have shown that when comparing employees in the same profession, men are more likely to ask for a raise than women.

Control what you can control

To reiterate, if you believe in your heart of hearts that you deserve a raise, your best evidence is adding value to the practice and being a productive employee. That means delivering the highest level of care possible to each and every patient while being punctual and showing a good team spirit.

It’s true… even deserving employees, sometimes, do not get a raise. However, keep following the above tips in your workplace on a daily basis, and your compensation will reflect your value over the long run.

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