Why Won’t My Team Change

why wont my staff change

why wont my staff changeHuman beings have a tendency to resist change, whether it is in their personal life or business. This resistance occurs even if the pending change could yield an opportunity that could lead to a greater sense of accomplishment and more overall satisfaction.

Why, though, do people resist change? Because of a fear of the unknown. How will change affect their relationships? What about their economic status or job or just their daily routine? The prospect of change and the uncertainty that comes with that change can lead to frustration over expectations and upsets, which promote blame and fault in conjunction with a decrease in responsibility.

A small amount of discomfort over the unknown is a natural instinct but, in many dental practices, the resistance to change goes to extremes. This resistance manifests itself in behaviors including task avoidance, hostility, disbelief, resignation and an unwillingness to adapt. Employees of a dental practice demonstrate their resistance through negative behaviors such as absenteeism, increased sensitivity, frustration—even sabotage.

These behaviors do not negate the fact that change continues to accelerate at a rapid rate in the dental industry—whether it be the growth of group practices, advances in technology, keeping up with changing government regulations or any of another number of factors.

Dentists, managers, and other senior staff at dental practices must learn how to manage change… or risk being left behind by competing practices, and suffering the consequences of lost business.

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