Tips for Running a Successful Dental Practice

Tip to Run a Successful Dental Office?

As a solo dental practice owner, running your practice while trying to provide the utmost service for your customers can seem impossible and exhausting. As a dentist/owner, when you are providing care to your patients you are working “in your business.” Rarely, during this instance are you able to work “on your business,” managing and directing your employees in the direction you want it to go. One cannot simply be in two places at once. The role of dentist and owner must be conducted separately to do them both well. A dentist/owner simply cannot delegate tasks to the entire staff while also providing the best customer care for patients. Trying to merge these two roles would leave patients with an undesired experience.

Traditional business owners take more of a managerial role, ensuring employees are following through with their designated tasks and assignments without any issues. When it comes to dentistry, a dentist who is also the owner not only supervises but also manages the office team as well. When this is the case, dentistry is not being performed, resulting in the practice coming to a stand still.

How Can I Run a Successful Dental Office?

In a dental office, it is important that employees have clearly defined roles and expectations that they can understand. Also, it is important employees can be trusted to carry out these duties while working on their own. In an ideal world, employees would work alone as if the dentist were standing next to them. This ensures the business can continue running effectively while the dentist cares directly for patients. Unfortunately, that is often not the case, and employees may not fully understand what is expected of them or may be incapable of performing their tasks effectively and efficiently. Sometimes, even the dentist falls short of setting proper goals for the team, creating an environment that breed’s distraction during down time. Furthermore, employees may begin thinking they deserve down time in which they can spend time chatting or using their cellular phones for texting or surfing social media. This type of environment has no place in the dental practice and should not be a part of the patient’s experience. If this sounds like your dental practice, where do you go from here?

Bryant Consultants can provide you with a consultation regarding your dental practice goals and needs. Our in-office analysis helps identify signs that are holding your business back. We can help develop a growth plan for your practice that aligns with your vision. We also provide team training that helps improve customer service, phone skills, procedures, and system usage. We even specialize in Internet marketing by creating attractive and useful websites for your practice using search engine optimization and can manage your social media sites for even more attraction to your practice. If your practice has hit a stand still, allow us to help get it off the ground and moving forward again.

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