Growing your Dental Practice through Business-to-Business Marketing

grow your dental practice

grow your dental practiceKingsport, TN

How do you draw attention and potential new clients to your dental practice? One proven way is through marketing. When you think about marketing your practice, you may think about traditional advertising in print, radio or television. Maybe you are thinking about investing in some online advertising or setting up a patient referral system. There’s one marketing avenue you may never have considered… networking with other local small business owners can be a great way to increase traffic for all parties involved. Read on to learn about how your dental practice could benefit from this business-to-business marketing technique.

Ever hear the old saying that a rising tide lifts all ships?

This credo embodies the central mission of business-to-business marketing: to increase the number of clients for each business in this working partnership. Marketing to the patrons and even the employees of nearby businesses can provide an influx of new patients to your dental practice. Marketing your practice in this way also may give your practice a platform in front of people who otherwise may not have solicited your dental services.

How to start a business-to-business marketing plan

First, make a list of other small businesses located near your dental practice. Now, choose five of them. If your practice is in a densely populated city, you may need to restrict your search to other businesses within a mile of your location. Conversely, a dental practice located in a rural area may need to widen its search.

Now that you have identified the businesses you will be working with, it is time to determine the specifics of your business-to-business marketing plan:

  • Make a script – It doesn’t have to be word for word, but knowing what you will say ahead of time will help you feel more comfortable, confident, and at ease.
  • Go in person – When it comes to establishing networking relationships with other businesses, a face-to-face meeting always is ideal. Try to visit at a time when there are few customers so that the owner or manager will be able to spend some time talking with you. For example, a coffee shop probably will have its rush during the morning, so make a visit in the early afternoon instead. 
  • Keep a record – After your meeting, make notes on whom you talked to and what you discussed. We recommend adding any personal details to these notes. 
  • Follow up – Try to drop in at each business at least once every few months. These follow-up visits are a great chance to share an update on how things are going, a new service your practice is offering, and to check in on how they are doing. The key is to build a relationship with these small business owners. Return visits also are where your notes come in handy. For example, if the owner or manager is a huge sports fan, you could talk sports to get the conversation started.
  • Make technology work for you – After you have made these connections with your fellow small business owners, change your social media strategy and set up some new Facebook ads targeting businesses in your area, or you can speak with the experts at Bryant Consultants to take care of your social media efforts for you.

Still not sure where to begin?

Business-to-business networking can be a tremendous asset to grow the clientele of your dental practice, but some practitioners may still be uncertain on how to proceed and establish these relationships. That’s where the services of Bryant Consultants can help. We’re up to speed on all the latest marketing strategies and can provide direct training and materials that make it easier to make these connections. Our services can help you realize your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your practice. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799.

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