5 Dental Trends to Grow your Practice

The dental industry is changing and evolving on a constant basis. To keep your practice ahead of the competition, you need to be sure you stay on top of these trends so that you can provide the latest, best, and most innovative care and amenities to all of your clients.

Here are five recent trends in the dental field that could help grow your dental practice:

  1. Group practices are becoming more prevalent in the field, with multiple dentists merging into a partnership to run a practice together. Being part of a group practice could make it easier for you to manage the debt from dental school, while also splitting the costs of running a practice. Working with a partner or two also allows your practice to see more patients, which equates to making more money and growing the practice at a faster rate.
  2. Increases in dental insurance coverage look to be a potential boom for the dental industry. Families who previously could not afford dental care are making up for lost time and “catching up,” leading to an increase in appointments and treatments. This is why it is key for your dental practice to stand out from the rest as potential new clients consider who they want to provide professional oral care for their families.
  3. Customized financing is allowing patients who do not have access to dental insurance to receive the care they want or need. Dental practices across the country are using more creative means to provide financing, including customized payment plans, yearly rates, and more. Consider one of these financing methods to set apart your practice and show patients that you care more about their dental health than their insurance coverage.
  4. In-office experiences can transform a dental appointment from something a person dreads into an anticipated event. Whether you add a creative waiting room activity or in-chair entertainment, any of these additional “bells and whistles” can help make going to the dentist a more positive experience for your patients—especially if you run a family practice. Parents will choose your practice over other competitors if these features make it easier to take their kids to the dentist.
  5. New technologies are emerging in every industry, including dentistry. Many of these technological advances have a high price, but recent innovations such as 3D printing, digital impression systems, chairside restoration milling systems, and laser cavity detection also save time for dentists and support staff, allowing a practice to see more patients in a day. Some of these new technologies also make care more comfortable and convenient for patients, which will make your practice more attractive than others.

Make My Dental Practice Grow

The best dental practices give their patients the best possible experience. Consider implementing some of these trends, or all of them. Need help deciding which trends are right for you? Bryant Consultants’ services can help you realize your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your practice. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799.

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