The New Normal Checklist for Dental Business Owners

The New Normal Checklist for Dental Business Owners

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This checklist is for practices to use the first one to two weeks after reopening

  1. Evaluate your workflow process
    • What changes need to ensure efficient workflow?
  2. Evaluate your PPE supply and needs
    • Consider additional lab coats and washing if you are struggling to find disposable, and fees are increasing.
    • No washer/dryer onsite? Find a local laundry mat that washes and returns. (Not a dry cleaner).
    • Continue to order your max quantity that your supply companies allow. Disposables will always be needed in your practice. We can reduce supply later.
  3. Evaluate your business cash flow from the previous two weeks.
    • Collections
    • PPP
    • Net Production
    • Bills – Don’t pay credit cards in full yet. Ask for interest-only or for interest to be waived and make the minimum payment. Cash on hand is key right now. We do not know what the future looks like yet.
  4. Marketing- Focus on what you need and want to do.
    • Videos, Videos, Videos! Connect with your patients weekly via social media videos or go Live.
    • Use your email and text system to keep connecting with patients. Let them know you’re back, what to expect, and how things are going.
    • Post daily on social media outlets.
  5. Computer Support- Cyber-crimes are on the rise, and it is reported that dentists are the easiest targets.
    • Change passwords personally and professionally. (Bank accounts to insurance companies).
    • Ensure your computer support company has performed a full back-up recently. (Get written proof).
    • Ensure you have your virus software updated on your systems.
  6. Employee Passwords- It’s time to change and tighten up securities. We do not know your employee’s current mindset.
    • Theft, prescription fraud, and insurance fraud and OSHA calls are on the rise since dentists are back at work.
    • Be proactive, not fearful.
    • Lead your team through changes in procedures and passwords with language like, “for your protection and safety, we have been advised to update security…”
  7. Tracking Software – Turn it back on. For many of you, there is a ton of value training and using the information to help as you’re rescheduling patients, filling future schedules, and connecting with patients.
    • Past due reminders
    • Scheduling
    • Daily tracking
  8. Supply Companies– Call your supply companies and see what they are doing for you, their customers. Schein is providing a $1000 credit per NPI number in some states. DO NOT adjust your supply cost percentage. Work to stay within your normal limit of 5% evaluate and approve increases as needed only. Be AWARE
  9. Employee Manual Update- (See separate document Employee Manual Suggestions)
    • All changed employee guidelines need to be updated in the employee manual. (Do not make verbal, must be in writing).
    • Deliver new addendums at your May team meeting.
    • Each team member must sign an updated acknowledgment and placed in their employee file.
  10. Office Documents– Ensure all office documents are updated with pandemic guidelines. Review all your employee files (update) and consent forms for the office.
  11. Wills and Trusts– Please ensure that this is completed and updated for personal wealth protection.
  12. Online CEs- Update all employee CE trackers to reflect their latest credits for their licenses.
  13. Professional Meetings– Get your Q2 meetings scheduled for professional support such as accountants, financial advisors, partners, and business ventures outside of dentistry. You can do virtually or in person. Keep your business on track. You can still reach your goals for 2020.
  14. Employees – Be smarter than your team. Be hypersensitive.
    • Ensure your security cameras are working and adjusted to your normal work schedule.
    • Change every employees’ passwords for software to ensure safety is regained. (Employees have been caught sharing passwords in the pandemic. DO NOT risk your business security because of an employee). Passwords are for the company and the employee’s protection. Security rights are to keep your business secure.
  15. Equipment – Get your monthly equipment maintenance schedule back on track. Don’t forget your spore testing, autoclave maintenance, trap changes, CAD/CAM maintenance, and solution changes.
  16. Evaluate your numbers – How did your daily numbers stack up over the first week or so in business?
    • Cash flow
    • Case acceptance
    • Resistance
    • Compliments and complaints
  17. Evaluate your schedule
    • Plan your make up days
    • Communicate with your team in writing
    • Ask questions frequently to stay in the know about your schedule.
    • Reappointment rates
    • Ensure your September and October schedule is being filled by hygiene.
    • Evaluate your payment arrangements

If you found this resource to be helpful for you and your practice, please let us know by leaving a review. We appreciate your feedback! Remember, we’re all on this together!

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