Creating Magical Moments For Your Customers

Creating Magical Moments For Your Customers

Great Customer ExperiencesCreating magical moments for your customers means providing superior customer service, not just while they are receiving treatment, but during the checkout process as well. As the dentist, you spend the majority of your time in the back of the office, in the operatory, performing treatments on patients. Although you are more aware of the level of customer service from the back of the office, what about what goes on up front when your patients enter or leave your practice? Here are some tips for creating magical moments for your customers during every step of the process, not just while they are with you.

Begin at the end

Each checkout process should start with the front office staff already aware of what needs to happen, which is scheduling the patient’s next appointment. Patients will always need another appointment scheduled, whether it is for a follow-up or a dental cleaning. It is the duty of the office staff to organize each visit for a patient.

Be ready for patients

Ever visited someone’s house, and when you arrived there were messes everywhere? It was almost as if the host forgot you were coming and made no effort to prepare for your arrival. The same rings true for your dental practice. Office staff should be expecting patients to arrive at the front desk throughout the day. Their desks should appear neat and organized, not cluttered with files, catalogs, or other unnecessary paperwork. Office staff should also try to avoid making lengthy phone calls, like to a supply rep, when they expect a patient to arrive for checkout.

Interruptions are rude

The checkout process with a patient is essentially a business meeting. During an important business meeting, would you talk on the phone, or chat with your neighbor? Probably not, if you are participating in a respectful manner. The same approach should be used during the checkout process.

Time is of the essence

During the checkout process, patients should not feel rushed, or as if they are an inconvenience. Office staff should focus on the patient and even engage in friendly conversation. This type of welcoming environment helps make the patient feel a sense of connection to the practice.

No problem is too big

With a perfect checkout environment, everything will flow smoothly, and patients will feel appreciated, instead of a bother. Office staff should try to limit distractions, and handle any distraction with respect as to not make the patients feel as though they are a bother.

The bottom line is that when patients are checking out at the conclusion of their visit, the office staff should create a professional, inviting environment, handle each transaction respectfully, and help create a healthy dialog between patients.

For customer service training, contact Bryant Consultants today! We can help whip your practice into shape by implementing necessary changes that will help push your practice to the next level, and teach your office staff how to create magical moments for your customers.