“Burn Out Blows” Dealing With Work Place Burn Out.

Dealing With Work Place Burn Out.

“I just can’t stand the thought of going into the office today.”  “If I see one more client, I think I might scream.”  “I want to walk away from this job and never look back.”  All these statements may be a symptom of burnout.  We are all different and have different ways of handling stress, but the common denominator is that stress without a release becomes burn out. Burn out blows! When you are suffering burn out you are causing all the relationships around you to suffer as well.
After polling many burn out sufferers, we have complied a list of ideas that will aid you in the “Burnout Blows Blues”!!!

1. Phone a Friend: Have someone to help you deal with burnout.

Find a close friend (not a co-worker) that you can confide in that will truly listen and be objective. You will need to phone a friend who will listen to you and not try to “fix it” for you.  Just being able to vent can help lighten your load. We all become frustrated and that frustration can build over time and escalates to larger issues when its not dealt with.

2. Me Time: Do something for yourself.

Take breaks during your workday to break up your time in the office.  Take your lunch hour and leave the office.  Use your time during lunch to call someone and talk about anything but work.  Consider taking a short nap, read a book, or work a crossword puzzle, during your lunch hour. Leave the office even if it means sitting in your car.

3. Healthy Living:  Get on and maintain a good diet.

If you are not eating healthy then you are altering your chemical make up and causing problems that you don’t even know you are causing. Make sure you maintain proper nutrition.  Be sure you eat lean meats, fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.  Avoiding sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can help you feel better.  Keeping your body charged will help with maximum performance.

4. Get Moving: Get exercise.

Get moving and start taking care of yourself. If you have 10 minutes of time, then start an exercise routine that takes 10 minutes (its better than doing nothing). Exercise is a good way to de-stress and even makes you feel better physically.

5. Night, Night: Get enough sleep.

If you are not sleeping right, you are the cause of your own burn out!  It is scientifically proven that getting a sufficient amount of sleep is imperative to daily function and happiness Ideally, 7 to 8 hours sleep is great.  Your mind will be clearer if you have an appropriate amount of sleep.  Lack of sleep can, over time, lead to large life problems.

Burn out blows! If you are suffering burn out and are not handling your blues, everything in your life will suffer. We all need our work for various reasons: financial being the number one reason we work, so don’t let burn out get out of control.  Sign up below for our blog to get more tips and tools to help you with your life, business and technology!

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