What Patients Really Want

what patients really want

what patients really wantWhen a prospective patient is considering your dental practice, trust weighs heavily in the decision. This patient trusts you to provide oral health care for them and their family.

Transparency can be one of the most attractive factors for a new patient. That means you should have no area of the office that you would be embarrassed for people to see—even areas off limits to the public such as the break room or the dentist’s private office.

Presenting prospective patients with a tour of your facility can help “close the deal,” so to speak. When conducting these tours, do so by asking yourself “what’s in it for me” from the perspective of the patient. Tailor your tour to the needs and goals of your prospective patients.

Here are seven tips to help present your office and appeal to what patients really want.

  • Happy faces – If your employees are happy and smiling, it makes your dental practice more appealing to others. New patients prefer an environment where the employees enjoy working there.
  • Keep it clean – Just like a restaurant or a hotel, cleanliness matters. Patients want to patronize a dental office that is clean and efficient without the cleaning products on view.
  • Keep it organized – Having an office that appears chaotic or disorganized sends the wrong message. An organized, streamlined work environment shows to would-be patients that your team is working together and not getting behind. Eliminate piles of paperwork, which can be a warning sign of disorganization for potential clients.
  • Family photos – A family atmosphere can mean much more to prospective patients than having your diplomas and professional credentials on the wall. Consider hanging up family photos of members of your staff. This sort of realism and transparency will make a patient more likely to bring their family to your office.
  • New technology – A patient may not know specifically what each piece of technology does, but having state-of-the-art equipment at the cutting edge of the dental field creates an impressive site for any potential clients. Having this technology on hand is much easier now, thanks to the advent of 3-D printing. Producing restorations right there in the office is sure to impress. Plus, your patients will appreciate the time that it saves them.
  • Infection control – Hygiene is crucial in any medical practice, and that is certainly true when a patient is considering a dental office, where hands and tools will be in the mouth on a regular basis. Keep your infection control area on display to your patients, and make sure it is immaculate. This attention to detail will show your patients that your practice is clean and safe.
  • Speak simply – Using a lot of technical terms and jargon can overwhelm the layman. Communicate with prospective patients by using clear, concise language that is easy for them to understand.

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