What Is Google’s Search Console

Google Search Console is a new and powerful set of helpful tools that all business owners should have for SEO and Internet marketing. If you have WordPress, then you definitely want to get this new feature. This is a great way for businesses to communicate with Google that takes Google Analytics to the next level. Keep in mind, Google Analytics was for helping with keywords. Google Search Console will take you to a whole new level.

Not sure if it’s for you? Check out this 1-min video that sums up the benefits.

What is the Google Search Console? Who Should Use This?

Everyone wants to rank higher in Google, and now they can. Google Search Console (GSC) is the new service that replaces Google Webmaster Tools that helps site owners communicate directly with Google to better understand what their pages need. Google Search Console helps with search data and the tools can let you know things like where broken links are, or if you’re using keywords the wrong way. It takes the guess work out of the do-it-yourself approach for search rankings.

With search rankings and setting up web pages, there are key tools that you need to focus on including crawl stats, URL parameters, various site links and site maps. When you work in conjunction with Google, they communicate back how your pages look and areas that need refinement.

What’s New to Google Search Console that Google Analytics Doesn’t Have?

For starters, Google Analytics is a way to keep track of keywords to know who has visited your pages. The keywords and analytics confirm locations of your users, their country and other demographic tracking data.

When you use Google Search Console, you’re not just saying “Google, send this traffic to my page and tell me who is visiting me,” but you’re asking

  • “How does this look?”
  • “Where does it rank?”
  • “How can I make it better and more visible in Google?”
  • “Where are the errors?”

Every site owner wants maximized search results, higher visibility and search rankings…

Should All Site Owners Looking for SEO Help Use Google Search Console and Google Webmasters Tools?

Every site owner should use this tool. It’s the missing piece that a lot of site and business owners needed. Not only is it resourceful, but you will rank higher because you will have the exact information you need to fix your site, page, links, etc.

In addition to this, Google Search Console also has a Search Analytics API that can help with keyword data. For webmasters, this means they will have the additional reporting information they need through a new Search Analytics Report.

This resourceful tool can help with queries that you need to run. Just type in your search traffic data, set the parameters and you will then be able to see the results are broken down into rows of data that you can click through. This is helpful if you are looking for:

  • Top 10 Queries based on Clicks
  • Top 10 Pages
  • Top 10 Mobile Queries in the United States

How to Start Using Google Search Console

Whether you’re setting up a new site or you have a pre-existing site, start a new Google Search Console account. This tool will start showing you where the errors are in your site. You’ll see key things like the indexes, various analysis reports and crawls. Once you set up your account and verify ownership, you’ll next go into Search Appearance.

Search Appearance

With Search Appearance, you will be able to see how your site ranks in overall search rankings and errors that are found.

The various categories that you can tap into include:

  • Content Keywords
  • Crawl
  • Crawl Errors
  • Crawl Stats
  • Data Highlighter
  • Extra Settings
  • Fetch as Google
  • HTML Improvements
  • Index Status
  • Internal Links
  • International Targeting
  • Links to Your Site
  • Manual Actions
  • Mobile Usability
  • Remove URLs
  • Robots.txt Tester
  • Search Analytics
  • Search Traffic
  • Security Issues
  • Site Links
  • Site Maps
  • Site Settings
  • Structured Data
  • URL Parameters

What if You Had Problems Using Google Analytics for SEO?

If you struggled with Google Analytics in the past and were unsure about your keywords, or made initial mistakes like only setting up one campaign at a time, you may want to seek out the help of an experienced SEO firm or marketing company to help your site get the relevant traffic that it should.

Google Search Console is a great tool, and the good news is that it’s free. Try it out and if you find that you need help, or you don’t understand Google’s Search Console, contact Bryant Consultants.

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