4 Ways to Generate more Leads for your Business

generate more leads for business

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No matter what industry you’re in, your success depends on finding customers for your goods and services. That means cultivating a good base of leads, and adding to it whenever you can to maintain a healthy sales pipeline.

Bryant Consultants wants to suggest four ways you can generate more leads for your business:

  1. Lead captures – You may be happy with the traffic numbers for your website, but unless you’re not capturing some type of information on them when they pull up your site, approximately half of those visitors won’t return to your site—ever. You can try to gather email addresses, but many people may be hesitant to give you your email, which means finding new ways to gather contact information on these visitors, each of whom could be a potential future client. Increase your capture rate by offering value at every aspect of the marketing process, through advertisements and promotions that entice visitors rather than a more traditional “sign up here” button as your method of a call to action. You also have to be willing to give before asking for information. Shift your strategy to mutually beneficial opt-in methods such as a lead magnet, which leads us to… 
  2. Lead magnets – To keep your lead generation thriving, you need to streamline your process to convert these visitors into new leads. This means finding ways to reduce the number of one-time visitors to your site, and lead magnets are a great tool to accomplish this objective. A lead magnet provides some type of value to your visitors, which they receive by providing their contact information. Effective lead magnets include offering a series of training videos, a free trial for one of your services, a webinar, a free ebook, or a set of “exclusive” bonus tips relevant to their interests or needs. Depending on which lead magnets your customers choose, this can be used as an effective barometer to determine specific products and services that you offer, and possibly make them a more prominent part of your existing marketing strategy.
  3. Landing pages – A landing page is used as a destination when someone completes a call to action and clicks on your email, social media link, or advertisement. These landing pages should be set up independently from the main website for your company, and serve as the hub for a single, focused marketing campaign for a specific product or service that you are offering. There are two types of landing pages. The first is intended to gather information on users, in exchange for something like one of the lead magnets previously mentioned. The second is a click-through landing page, routing visitors directly to a specific product or service you’re trying to promote. Whatever you offer, you need to make sure the landing page provides that; for example, if you’re promoting 50 percent off on a product, make sure the landing page delivers that promise—and exactly that promise, without overwhelming users with additional information.
  4. Lead scoring – Lead scoring is a version of marketing automation, allowing you to rank leads based on their level of engagement with your marketing content. This helps you determine their specific interests, as well as evaluate their overall willingness to become a paying customer. You can rank visitors based on their engagement, and which lead magnets they choose. Even as these marketing tactics become more widespread, many business-to-business marketers do not incorporate lead scoring as part of a component of their lead management strategy. They’re missing out. This provides quantitative data on new potential customers, as well as real-time feedback on the success of your existing methods of a call to action. Using lead scoring as a metric also will save your team time and money, allowing you to identify target markets you may not have considered, as well as which sales opportunities prove to be the most tantalizing to your overall audience. You can focus on these as your hottest leads, and communicate with confidence knowing they already have a high awareness and interest in your business.

Lead management consultation

Learning all the ins and outs of lead management can be tricky, especially if you are investing financial resources in your existing calls to action. Eliminate the guesswork and any potential squandered funds. Let the professionals at Bryant Consultants help. So, if you want to find ways to increase leads for your business, our services are a perfect fit for you. We now offer lead management as part of our ever-expanding range of services, engineered to maximize the profitability and efficiency of your business regardless of your specific niche or industry.

The services offered by Bryant Consultants can help you refine your vision, establish goals, and set processes in place to evolve your business. Contact us by calling (877) 768-4799.

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