Dealing with Bad Leadership

dealing with bad leadership

It is not a profound discovery that people will leave their job because of bad leadership. Whether you are an employee that feels like quitting their job due to bad leadership or you are a business owner who is losing employees with no real explanation, this blog is for you.

Bad leadership can result in losing a valuable employee, and morale could be suffering, as well as a lack of employee engagement. As a business coach and consultant, Bryant Consultants is experienced in working with business using a unique approach that focuses on accountability. If you have a problem team, and are not getting the results that you want and need for your business to thrive, you could be dealing with bad leadership. However, more times than not, employees and the leader are to blame for the ineffective relationship.

If you experience this where you work, here are some tips for dealing with bad leadership.

Own It

As an employee, you may be limited in what you can do to change your work environment. But, focus on what you can control. It is easy to point the finger at your boss and complain about your work environment, which only leads to more drama in the workplace. This actually is doing nothing to improve your situation and will do nothing to improve the actions and abilities of your boss. Instead, focus on what you can do to improve your situation. Ask yourself what you can do to improve your project, meeting, or job.

How can I change the bad attitude of my leader?

While we all wish we could wave a magic wand and make everyone easy to get along with, especially leaders, life just isn’t a fairytale. Instead, own it. Own your part of the situation and focus on how you can improve your own job. If you only focus on the other person, be it your bad leader or even that slacking co-worker, you will never be able to reach a solution. Use your energy to feel empowered to find solutions, not complain about your bad leader and dwell on what you don’t like about your job.

Focus on Results

Always focus on what is important at your job – results. Concentrate your efforts on delivering the best work that you can. This makes you valuable to your employer, which makes you stand out in a good way.

Request Feedback

No one really likes to hear about when they mess up or when they need to make improvements, but that is how you get better at what you do, and when you have these one-on-one meetings with your leader, it helps build a strong relationship. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses, so just ask! Avoid getting into a dispute about the results; if you need to, ask for a break so that you can mull over the information, and meet again at a later time.

Bottom line, it is up to you whether you remain in your current position or not. Maybe it is time for a change, and you decide to transfer to another department or seek out new employment opportunities altogether. However, keep in mind that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It is far better to look within yourself and focus on how you can be the best you can be at your job, rather than complaining to those around you. Your quality of life depends on it!

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