Good Leaders are Hard to Find!

Are good leaders hard to find? At one point or another, most of us have had a boss that was a boss but not a good leader. They may have come across as bossy, demanding, micromanaging or even aggressive and nowhere were the leadership shills shining through. What is a good leader? How do you qualify them as a leader? I have complied a few “MUST HAVE” qualities that a good leader should have…

Strong Communication Skills

Knowing how to communicate your ideas, vision, and expectations well is very important in being a good leader. Clearly describing what you need done by your team will help develop focus and commitment. If your team cannot see your vision and understand your expectations, you will not all be working towards the same end result.


Always be honest in your position as a leader. Ethical decision-making leads to respect from your team members. If you lead ethically, you will maintain credibility, and your team will follow your lead.

The Difference in a leader and a boss


If you want your team working hard for you, you need to lead by example. Your team seeing you working alongside them will fuel them to work to their full potential. This commitment will show in everyone’s daily performance, which in turn will reflect in the business’s results. Commitment will also help you earn the respect of your team and create positive energy.


Having your team invested in your vision is crucial. Whether through bonuses, gifts, words of affirmation, special services, or equity in your company, these rewards will help your team be more enthusiastic and diligent in their work. Be the cheerleader for your team and help keep their spirits up during difficult times. How you behave in a stressful or difficult situation is also a direct reflection on your leadership abilities and will set the tone for your team.

Delegation and Trust

Leaders are not a “One Man Show”. Find the strengths in your team members and draw on each one’s talents. Find what each team member is good at and delegate tasks based on their skills. This will show your team that you have trust in their abilities. You hold the keys for each team member to rise up and shine.
A good leader who is willing to work hard, even with the most menial tasks, will gain respect from their team. This leader will encourage their team to perform to their full potential and will ultimately help the company succeed. When you are reflecting on these qualities, ask yourself “What is it that is preventing me from being a good leader?” Oftentimes, it may be something that isn’t even on this list that stands in our way- the four-letter word called “F-E-A-R.” If you are in a position that requires leadership, accept the challenge today and choose to overcome the fear of rejection, failure, ridicule, and resistance.

Are You Lacking Leadership?

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