Is There a Better Way to Deliver Bad News to a Patient?

is there a better way to deliver bad news

is there a better way to deliver bad newsDelivering bad news is sometimes as difficult as hearing it. As a dentist, you probably encounter these type of situations on a daily basis, and wonder, will it ever get any easier? When delivering bad news, the truth is that you simply cannot care more about the problem than the patient does.

As a dentist, your job is to determine the problem, present the patient’s options, discuss the pros and cons of each option, and answer their questions. Ultimately, it is up to the patient as to which mode of treatment they choose. Keep in mind that choosing to do nothing is technically still an option for a patient. As you replay this chain of events in your mind, you probably can see the faces of many patients who have seemed to care much less about their dental health than you do. This is where you have to step back and let the patient own the bad news.

Obviously, you cannot force treatment upon a patient. You have to do your best in diagnosing the problem, presenting the facts, and painting the big picture. In other words, do your due diligence and ensure each patient understands the ramifications of not choosing a viable option to fix their dental problem. If you are confident that you have presented the best options to the patient, as well as explaining what could happen if they ignore this problem, then you have done your job, and done it well.

It never feels good to deliver bad news, and you only hope that every patient will want to make the same decision you would, but that is not always the case. Simply feel good knowing that you have done your best while delivering the bad news. In the end, the choice is left up to the patient.

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